Who sells shorts? Elon Musk sells short shorts

Who sells shorts? Elon Musk sells short shorts

No, instead, Tesla (TSLA) sells on his website a branded pair of red, satin short trousers – a bunch of investors who “shortened” the company, essentially betting on the fall of its shares.
Unfortunately, for those readers who would be willing to pay $ 69.420 (yes, really) for a pair of short shorts at Tesla Gym, they are already sold out. Apparently they went fast: Shortly after the announcement of the sale of the shorts, Musk tweeted“Dang, we broke the site.”
“Tesla will make wonderful short shorts in bright red satin with gold trim”, Musk tweeted last week, hinting at new commercial products. “He will send some to the Shortseller Enrichment Committee to comfort them in these difficult times.”
In standard fashion, the tweet came a while ago another strange color He also apparently targeted his opponents and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission: “SEC, a three-letter acronym, the middle word is Elon’s.”
Just last year, Tesla accepted money. In May 2019, the automotive industry sold debt and additional shares to raise $ 2.7 billion to replenish its coffers. A depreciated share price forced the company to pay a $ 920 million bond in cash rather than shares. In its ten-year history, the company had only a few quarterly profits.
But in January, the company made its first annual profit – and the company’s positive momentum continued.
Despite a holiday from the corona’s pandemic – including house-to-house orders, which Musk called “fascist” – Tesla last week released relatively strong car delivery numbers for the second quarter of the year.

The company delivered 90,650 cars to customers during the quarter, down 5% from a year ago, but far less than the 30% drop or more reported by other automakers. Tesla’s second-quarter sales also rose slightly from the 88,400 cars delivered in the first quarter.

Cars are celebrated in the new Tesla shorts. The back of the shorts features each of the Tesla model numbers, “S3XY”, bearing gold letters.

According to Tesla, the shorts will offer “exceptional comfort from the closing bell”.

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