USS Roosevelt In a major reversal, the Navy chooses to support the dismissal of a captain who warned of a corona eruption

USS Roosevelt In a major reversal, the Navy chooses to support the dismissal of a captain who warned of a corona eruption

The investigation concluded that Captain Brett Crozier had made other bad decisions in response to the blast, sources said.

In addition, the commander of the Strike Rear Adm group. Stuart Baker will also be held accountable for poor decision-making and his suspension will be suspended, both sources said.

Top Navy officials confirmed the news later on Friday during a press conference at the Pentagon.

“I will not re-appoint Captain Brett Crozier as Commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, nor will he be eligible for future administration. Captain Crozier will be appointed. While I previously believed Captain Crozier would have to be reinstated after his release from conducting an initial survey, the much broader, deeper research we conducted in the following weeks that had a much deeper scope, ”said journalist Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations.

“Both Admiral Baker Captain Croeser was far from what we expected from those in command. If I had known then what I know today, I would not have made this recommendation for the restoration of Captain Croeser. In addition, if Captain Cruiser was still in command today, I will relieve him, “he added.

Although Crozier has been fired from the ship’s management, he is expected to remain in the Navy.

Crozier was initially fired in April for what Navy Active Secretary Thomas Modly said, who later resigned, was a bad judgment for spreading a warning about the spread of the virus on his boat, a warning that eventually entered the press. .

Several defense officials told CNN that the Navy initially proposed that Crozier be reinstated in the ship’s management after a preliminary investigation later that month.

Officials told CNN that the Navy was so convinced that the Pentagon’s leadership would approve its recommendation to reinstate Crozier, who was forced to give up a scheduled press conference to announce the results after Defense Secretary Mark Esper did not immediately confirm the findings. helping to persuade then-active Navy Secretary James E. McPherson to launch a broader investigation.

The impact of the Roosevelt eruption, which spread to more than 1,000 crew members before the Navy stopped publishing data on the number of infected sailors, sparked a major controversy in the Navy, which led to Modly’s resignation.

Crozier’s note, which began the chain of events, warned the Navy’s leadership that decisive action was needed to save the lives of the ship’s crew. “We are not at war. The sailors do not have to die. If we do not act now, we will fail to properly care for our most reliable asset – our sailors,” three US defense officials confirmed to CNN.

He illegally resigned a few days later in connection with the incident, actions that included a $ 240,000 trip to Guam, where he accused Crozier and warned the sailors to give Crozier a provocative mission in public on the crew.

“I believe that if there is ever time to ask for help, it is regardless of the impact on my career,” Crozier wrote in an email, the content of which was immediately confirmed to CNN by a US official familiar with the message.

The email was addressed to Crozier’s immediate senior Baker and several other senior Navy officials in the area.

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The investigation did not accuse Crozier of sending the email and attachment, but accused him of not having all the information in hand, leaving people who needed to see it, and did not warn Baker in advance that he had sent it.

In his memo, Crozier called on Navy leaders to take immediate action to address the situation.

“Decisive action is needed. The removal of most of the personnel from a developed US nuclear aircraft carrier and their isolation for two weeks may seem like an extraordinary measure,” he said.

“This is a necessary risk. It will allow the carrier and the air wing to return as soon as possible, while ensuring the health and safety of our sailors. Maintaining more than 4,000 young men and women on TR is an unnecessary risk and faith breaks with those Sailors who have been entrusted to our care, “Crozier added.

Crozier’s video of applause from his crew leaving the carrier after it was initially removed went viral on the Internet, and several lawmakers called for it to be restored.

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