Trump says for the first time that Biden won the election, but later insists he will not give up

Trump says for the first time that Biden won the election, but later insists he will not give up

Trump wrote on Twitter, “He won because the election was raw,” before continuing to blame his loss for discouraged election theories.

In a follow-up tweet shortly afterwards, Trump backed his false belief that he might be able to win the election and refused to admit it. “I admit NOTHING! We have a long way to go,” Trump said.

Trump tweets followed on Saturday playing golf and tweeting similar false conspiracy theories and led to a crowd of supporters rallying in Washington to protest the election results based on his lies and propaganda.

Trump has repeatedly claimed without evidence that his opportunity for a second term is stolen from him by corrupt votes. A previous CNN scrutiny of allegations by a number of prominent Republicans, including members of the Trump family and supporters, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former National Intelligence chief Richard Richard Grenrell . ONE CNN analysis of the claim and the alleged support for this did not find a single case of this event.
Incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein He said Sunday that Biden’s Trump-won tweet was “further confirmation of the fact” that the former vice president won the election, but added that the president’s Twitter feed does not determine the election.

“Well, as I accept it as a further confirmation of the fact that Joe Biden won the election – and not through any of the other tweets, not through fraud or whatever the President claims. He won because he got more votes, okay, so he won. said Klein in an interview with NBC’s “Meet The Press”. “He got a lot more votes in the popular vote, and he won the same number of votes that President Trump himself called a landslide four years ago. But look, if the President is willing to start acknowledging this reality, that’s positive. Donald Trump’s supply does not make Joe Biden president or not, the American people did.

Biden reached more than 270 electoral votes after his victory in Pennsylvania. The Democrat now has 306 votes against Trump’s 232, as a result of gains in two long-standing Democratic states, Arizona and Georgia, CNN projects – well above the 270 limit Biden needed to take the presidency.

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