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Trump raises black unemployment before signing police reform

Breonna Taylor’s family lawyer, Sam Aguiar, issued a statement Tuesday morning saying the entire Taylor family was asking the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) to tell them “Tell us the truth.”

Taylor was was killed in March after officers were forced to enter her home and exchanged shots with her friend, according to a lawsuit filed by her mother. Officers were carrying out a search warrant for drugs, according to the Louisville metro police department, when they entered Taylor’s apartment shortly before 13:00 on March 13.

Aguiar points out that the LMPD has denied repeated requests for an open family file and that requests for open files submitted in the case are being rejected pending an appeal to the Attorney General’s Office.

“For months, we have sought the truth about what happened before, during and after Breonna Taylor’s assassination. And for months, LMPD and Mayor Fischer covered it up,” the statement said.

Aguiar says he last Friday set a deadline for Louisville Metro Coroner’s Office to conduct an autopsy on Taylor’s death and a deadline for the mayor to submit all his announcements about the investigation into Taylor’s death.

Aguiar accuses the mayor’s office of providing all the information needed about Taylor’s death investigation to consult the city and hid it from Taylor’s family legal representation.

Aguiar goes on to call the actions taken by Mayor Greg Fischer’s office “above the law” and says they have been in the administration for too long, “contrary to the mayor’s office’s beliefs, the city is no exception. the rules that govern our justice system. ”

Lawyer says Louisville ignored Taylor’s family’s demands for an independent inquiry and “succumbed only to national outrage and encouragement” from Governor Andy Bessar.

Aguiar ends the statement by saying that Taylor’s mother, Tamika, “deserves the truth” and that “the city deserves the truth.”

CNN has contacted Louisville city officials, Louisville subway police and the Kentucky Attorney General for comment.

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