Trump moves swiftly to calm concerns over China's trade deal following consultant comments

Trump moves swiftly to calm concerns over China’s trade deal following consultant comments

Navarro – in an interview with Fox News on Monday – said that China’s complacency in reporting on the spread of corona early led to the collapse of political and economic channels with the United States. At one point, the researcher described Trump’s efforts to make progress in the trade deal and asked Navarro: “Is it over?”

Navarro then responded, “It’s over,” before describing how China’s crackdown on the Koran became more widely known.

Dow’s future performance contracts scored nearly 400 points after the reports, which Navarro then quickly dismissed as false, saying his words were “wildly out of context”.

The comments “had nothing to do with the ongoing Phase I trade deal,” Navarro told CNN. “I was just talking about the lack of trust we have now in the Chinese Communist Party, since they lied about the origin of the Chinese virus and resisted a pandemic in the world.”

Trump tweeted later Monday afternoon that the agreement is still in force.

“China’s trade agreement is completely intact. Let’s hope they continue to abide by the terms of the agreement!” Trump said.

White House officials have said in the past that the administration is extremely disappointed with China’s failure to inform the World Health Organization or its allies early on about the outbreak of the deadly virus, which has infected more than 9 million people worldwide. However, the trade agreement is a central part of the President’s re-election step to voters, as he counts on the recovery of the economy from the closure aimed at reducing the spread of the virus.

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