Trump Campaign Plans Messaging to Feed Unsupported Election Questions

Trump Campaign Plans Messaging to Feed Unsupported Election Questions

One of the ways in which he intends to do this is to present the obituaries of people the campaign will claim to have voted in the election and to consider campaign-style rallies to reinforce the message, according to two sources. .

So far, the differences raised by the campaign have not been substantiated in support of allegations of widespread fraud. And nothing that campaign officials did not suggest would change the outcome in any state.

However, the president is being summoned by his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, lawyer Rudy Giuliani and campaign adviser Jason Miller to hold rallies across the United States pushing for counting. Kushner did not comment on the story. Miller denied the story in a tweet. CNN contacted Giuliani for comment.

CNN reported earlier on Saturday that Kouchner had approached Trump for the election concession, two sources told CNN. But his position became darker as the day went on, as he also tried to reassure Trump by proposing a rally.

The purpose of the exchange is to raise some doubts about the results that state secretaries on the battlefield feel pressured to open inquiries or ask for recurrences on their own – something that will prolong the process and possibly give the campaign more time. to pursue litigation through the courts.

An earlier CNN scrutiny of allegations by a number of prominent Republicans, including Trump’s family members and supporters, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former National Intelligence chief Richard Grenf, control. ONE CNN analysis for the claim and the alleged support for it did not find a single instance of this event.

One idea being thrown around the campaign is whether it can overtake to advance a Republican constituency in key states where President-elect Joe Biden won the popular vote. State laws differ as to whether they can appoint voters who do not reflect the will of the people. One source warned that it was not clear how seriously the idea was being considered.

Worthy was the first to mention the scheduled presentation of obituaries and upcoming rallies to cast doubt on the results.

Campaign aides told CNN ahead of Election Day that a post-election boost that included anything from a run-off to rallies was possible if the results were close to November 3, as initially seen. But Biden has amassed enough lead in many states to win the race, despite the President’s refusal to acknowledge the loss.

Many of the aides to the President want to continue fighting – if not for a change in outcome, which is not considered possible by experts at this point, then for Trump supporters who remain hungry for a fight against results that do not they do I think. However, some of those around Trump – including Kouchner and First Lady Melania Trump – have debated whether acknowledge his defeat, sources told CNN this weekend. But others are urging Trump not to give up.
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One person familiar with the plans said the group wanted to continue the fight for closer control of the electorate, although Trump himself did not always appear to believe he would be successful.

“Above all else, our concern is to irritate Trump, not to appease him,” he said.

This story has been updated with additional references.

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