Trump appears to be blaming Gold Star families for a coronavirus infection

Trump appears to be blaming Gold Star families for a coronavirus infection

The White House organized an event in honor of the Gold Star families indoors, in the East Room, without social distances and a few masks on the afternoon of Sunday, September 27th. This gathering came a day later event at the Supreme Court in Rose Garden, where many attendees have subsequently tested positive. And it came after months of blatant indifference to basic public health guidance within the White House, finally putting the West Wing and the accommodation staff and the President himself at immediate risk of contracting the virus.
“I did a lot of things to do. Again, when I want to say hello to Gold Star families, that’s me – I’m not going to be in the basement saying, “Hi, I can not see you traveling from California and all the different places.” “Okay,” he said. Trump said Thursday morning during an interview at Fox Business.

“And I think at some point I would like – it’s a lot – look, it’s a tiny, tiny is like a tiny tiny piece of dust. It enters your nose or your eye, honestly, or something else or you touch something. Well, “I understand and then you will get better,” he added.

The comments go further than Trump’s previous proposal during an interview with Fox News after senior adviser Hope Hicks was diagnosed with Hicks by a military or law enforcement officer.

“It is very, very difficult when you are with people from the army or the law enforcement, and they come to you and they want to hug you and they want to kiss you because we have really done a good job for them. And you come and things happen “Trump told San Hadi a few hours before his diagnosis was made public.

There is no way to say for sure how Trump and others became infected with the virus, and just because someone tested positive earlier than someone else does not mean they were responsible for the infection.

The White House has given great confidence to unreliable rapid antigen tests, but has do not make a similar effort to quickly locate contacts to determine the possible spread. Trump has held numerous events that actively avoid social distance and the mask he wore in the days, weeks and months before his infection, many of which were indoors. And hundreds of officials who were not in daily contact with the President, but who regularly interact with key officials who were not, were not regularly tested.

The White House declined to provide a full list of attendees in the East Hall, but CNN has contacted some of the families and organizations known to attend.

Timothy Davis, president and CEO of the Greatest Generations Foundation, said in a statement that all members of the Gold Star family were tested by the White House before the event and, like the Supreme Court event, all tested negative for the coronavirus. Rapid antigen tests conducted by the White House are known to provide a high percentage of false negatives.

“Considering that 12 days have passed since the event, the entire Gold Star family is doing well and showing no symptoms of Covid-19,” Davis said in a statement, adding that the team provides “daily updates” to the White House Office. Public Association.

Although the White House has claimed that all contact traces have been completed, New York Times White House correspondent and CNN contributor Michael Shear, who tested positive for the virus after direct interaction with White House officials, told CNN late Tuesday that there had been no communication from the White House. to locate contacts or monitor status. And at least one other White House official told CNN that they had also notified officials that they had direct contact with positive White House staff and had not been instructed on how to proceed.

That Trump would blame the Gold Star families says a lot about his general attitude toward the official club of military families who have lost a son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, father or mother.

During the 2016 election, Trump followed in the footsteps of Hezbollah Khan, whose son, Leader Hamoun Khan, died in Iraq in 2004 after Khan spoke out against Trump in the Democratic National Convention.

“Who wrote it? Did Hillary’s writers write it?” Trump told one interview at that time. “I think I have made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard.”
Trump has also repeatedly attacked Sen. John McCain, who he said was “not a war hero” despite being arrested in Vietnam and tortured as a prisoner of war.
Nevertheless, Trump claimed to be an army champion, tweeting, “MORE MILITARY. VOTE!” from the hospital suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday.

CNN’s Kevin Liptak, Vivian Salama, Maegan Vazquez and Jamie Crawford contributed to this report.

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