Volunteers, health care workers and doctors participate in a protest in April in Miami.

There are more than 10 million global coronavirus cases

Volunteers, health workers and doctors are taking part in a protest in Miami in April. Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The number of confirmed cases of corona worldwide exceeded 10 million on Sunday, according to a number Johns Hopkins University.

The terrible milestone comes six months after initial cases were discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in mid-December, before continuing to spread around the world.

Covid-19 has infected 10,001,527 people and killed at least 499,123 people worldwide.

The number is coming as many countries such as the United Kingdom are easing the locking restrictions, but the pandemic continues to pass through nations. Countries like Germany, which have handled the first wave effectively, are seeing an increase in new infections – a problem that experts say will be repeated until a vaccine is found.

In other countries, more than 10,000 infections occur each day. In India, authorities are trying to open a Covid-19 treatment center to deal with the rising number of cases in the nation’s capital, New Delhi.

The US leaders with the most deaths and confirmed cases worldwide. There are at least 2,510,323 cases of coronavirus and 125,539 deaths from the disease in the country.

After slowing the spread in May, corona numbers have soared in inland states such as Texas and Arizona. Now only two US states report a decrease in new cases compared to last week – Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Florida reported 9,585 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, a one-day record since the start of the pandemic. The number rivals that of New York’s top in everyday cases in early April.

Watch the virus spread here:

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