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The White House says Trump and the CDC are “too much” on the same page, despite tweets

Schools remain vacant at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex before the new restrictions take effect at midnight as the coronation pandemic spread to Los Angeles on March 19 in California. David McNew / Getty Images

California schools will reopen when data shows they are safe to do so, according to the California government Gavin Newsom

“I’m not worried about the latest tweets,” he said in a subtle reference to President Trump.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is non-negotiable for me, “the governor told a news conference.

The opening of the schools will be based on local conditions in the state, but Newsom added that “we must insist on learning at the beginning of the school year”.

“Given our current data and the ongoing community transmission of this deadly virus, it is prudent for schools to prepare a distance learning support plan that is ready to be implemented if our data shows that this is the safest path to front”. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said in a statement to CNN.

Predicting that schools will continue to be a topic of conversation, Newsom asked the public that restarting depends on behavior.

“We can just turn around and accept transmission and transmission with behaviors that led to that,” Newsom said. “Or we can do more to take personal responsibility with face masks and masks and physical distance that will mitigate the spread.”

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