The White House is not in contact with the Tracing "Super-Spreader" Trump Rose Garden Event

The White House is not in contact with the Tracing “Super-Spreader” Trump Rose Garden Event

On Friday, the Republican National Committee sent the New Jersey Department of Health a list of 206 visitors for contact detection, but the list did not include phone numbers – just names and email addresses – nor did it list any Bedmin staff members. worked the event, according to two people familiar with the New Jersey contact detection efforts.

“The list is names and email addresses. “For strong detection of contacts you need a city and a state,” said an official. “Basically we say more – we want and need more information.”

Officials said the state contacted the White House early Friday after learning of the president’s diagnosis and said in a “general statement” that “the White House Medical Unit is doing all the searching.

“This does not really satisfy us – especially the New Jerseys,” he said.

Mr Deere, a White House spokesman, said: “A full contact scan, under CDC guidelines, has been completed for the trip to Bedminster, NJ. The President had no interactions with Bedminster staff or guests who would be considered “close” under the CDC guidelines (more than 15 minutes and 6 meters away). ยป

He added, “All White House staff who have been in close contact during this trip have been identified, contacted and quarantined.”

At the event for Judge Barrett, the guests, a few of them wearing masks, mingled both outdoors and indoors, hugs and talks along with the heads. In the following days, at least eight attendees, including two senators, were positive. On Monday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany became the last.

The timing of Mr. Trump’s diagnosis makes it very likely that he and others became infected on Saturday, medical experts said. Symptoms usually appear about five days after exposure to the virus. Mr. Trump began to show symptoms on Thursday, the “right hit of the day” he would expect, Dr Maldonado said.

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