The Warner Bros. movie. Refreshes Exhibition With $ 20 Million + Weekend Over Labor Day - Deadline

The Warner Bros. movie. Refreshes Exhibition With $ 20 Million + Weekend Over Labor Day – Deadline

Update for updates: Warner BROS. long-awaited film by Christopher Nolan Doctrine finally opened in the US, and along with its Canadian race, which started last weekend, has reached $ 20.2 million to date in 2,810 theaters. In total, the time travel, 2 1/2 hours spy thriller has reached nearly $ 150 million to date.

Given that cinemas were closed nationally due to the pandemic, in particular, of the top 3 large circuits, Doctrine It has long been referred to as the return of theaters, the central axis that will bring the exhibition back to its feet.

There is no box for these numbers, as it is not the typical Labor Day weekend release. We are beginning to realize what it is like to see a stage open in a world where eight of the top ten theaters from Nolan’s latest film, Dunkirk, They are not open, ie cinemas in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Even Cinemascore, which usually polls in theaters in Washington, New York and California, is very small, with Nolan winning B. The director usually wins B + or A. Remember, only 65% ​​of the domestic market is open with amphitheater capacity ranging from 25% to 40%. I drove four hours from Los Angeles to see Doctrine in San Diego, California on an AMC that had complete COVID-19 security protocols. Here was how it was.

Doctrine has an audience rating of 79% Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 74% RT. This last rating should be taken with a grain of salt, as the critics of Los Angeles and New York did not have the opportunity to see the film in advance, as the photo did not open in their market. Therefore, the media in these markets had to press freelancers to see the film, giving a wide range of answers. Even ex-ticket sales are not a clear barometer, although not everyone has tickets in the COVID-19 era. Major malls in San Francisco, LA and NYC are closed. Recently, Movio told us that Doctrine the presale was over Dunkirk and Interstellar in the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The Warners chose an 11-day opening, starting in Canada, at Doctrine at the home box office, leading up to Labor Day Weekend, editing traffic with early previews this week. It’s a steady number when you think of the best dirt we’ve seen from a movie to date during the pandemic, higher than 10 days at Disney / 20th Century Studios. New mutants ($ 11.6 million to date, after $ 2.9 million over the weekend), and Solstice Studios No loading which was released for four weeks.

If you want to learn how to open a spoon during a pandemic without New York and Los Angeles, here is the playbook just written by Warner Bros. a reverse of the old 1970s platforms where the big photos would open in these big city markets and reach the US from there. We also have to keep in mind that it is Labor Day weekend, and although we did not have a summer season, the public is distracted as usual with barbecues and beaches etc. Drive-ins in Los Angeles had a 100-degree heat impact, but in places like San Diego, where it was 93 degrees wet, it created pedestrian traffic. We heard it Doctrine was No. 1 in Canada last weekend, some estimate the film had about $ 2.5 million.

In the lead Doctrine, Warner Bros. They were lucky in states like Maryland, New Jersey and in markets like San Diego that are reopening. Chances are we’ll see San Francisco reopen next weekend. It was not uncommon to hear a lot of racing to reopen, AMC’s San Diego Fashion Valley reopening four days after Monday’s clearing (thought the venue had been ready since late June). Doctrine played in Imax, Dolby seats and moves. The film is shown on most screens in the multiplex medium. Some independent chains tell us that they charge a 63% rental from the studio and this is valid for the entire duration of the Nolan movie (expected to be 12 weeks). Currently, Warner Bros. Wonder Woman 1984 is the next big movie on October 2, unless it is filmed. Then it is Universal / MGM’s Candyman on October 16, 20 / Disney’s Death on the Nile on October 23, and Disney Black Widow, that was part of it DoctrineThe trailers before the appearance yesterday on November 6 Really need Black Widow, so Disney, please do not shoot Mulan and send the photo to Disney +.

Disney has not reported Mulan Disney + revenue numbers, and I imagine they will not reach a profit call, along with the pic box office. This weekend, the Niki Caro film opened at $ 5.9 million from Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Middle East, Slovakia, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.


Mulan opened at # 1 in the UAE and # 2 in Saudi Arabia, posting about $ 800,000 in each market. The UAE weekend opening was + 6% ahead Cinderella and + 31% ahead Doctrine (F / S / S). Saudi Arabia’s opening meanwhile was + 153% ahead of Aladdin, + 5% ahead Maleficent: Lady of Evil and just -18% below Doctrine (F / S / S). Both markets have capacity limits in the range of 30% -50%. Mulan opened at No. 1 in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, announcing the biggest opening of the weekend until 2020 in both Singapore and Thailand. The film also opened at # 2 in Taiwan. All four markets now have more than 90% of theaters open, but the overall market fell compared to last year in Malaysia (-75%), Singapore (-35%) and Thailand (-23%), while + 41% increase in Taiwan. There are capacity restrictions in each of the four markets except Taiwan. Competitive PVOD knowledgeable industry sources estimate that Disney may not have gained great sales at Disney + Mulan , where the photo was available for $ 29.99 :. The studio quickly announced that it would be free in early December on the service and all eyes are watching to see how fast the movie floats on Amazon and GooglePlay before this free date. With Disneyland not open and other parks not at full capacity, Disney has to make money any way it can, CEO Bob Chapek told investors Mulan did not create a new window.


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