The Trump administration is urging the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare

The Trump administration is urging the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare

In a statement late at night, Attorney General Noel Francisco said that as soon as the individual law enforcement order and two basic provisions were repealed, “the rest of the ACA should not remain in force.”

The judges will hear arguments in the case next season, although it is unclear whether they will take place before the November election.

The controversy ensures another major shift in the political landscape during the election period on an issue that has dominated American politics for the past decade. This will be the third time the court has heard a significant challenge to the law. The case involves a coalition of Democrat general prosecutors led by California and the House of Representatives, who are defending the law against Trump’s administration, and a group of general prosecutors from the Red State, led by Texas.

The question is whether the individual order of the law was issued unconstitutionally, because Congress reduced the sentence for staying uninsured to zero and, if so, if that would destroy the entire law. A federal appeals court ruled in December that the order was unconstitutional, but ordered that if there were any, the provisions of the law could remain with the district court – which had previously ruled that the entire law was invalid.

The administration has generally agreed with Republicans’ attorneys general, but recently argued that the entire law should fall, but that the decision should only apply to the 18 states that challenged it.

In Thursday’s file, Francisco stressed: “Nothing from the 2017 Congress proves that it would be intended for the rest of the ACA to continue to operate in the absence of these three comprehensive provisions.”

He said that “the whole ACA should therefore fall within the individual mandate, although the scope of relief introduced in this case should be limited to provisions that are proving to be detrimental to the plaintiffs.”

Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi strongly criticized the administration after the submission late at night.

“The campaign by President Trump and the Republicans to remove the protections and benefits of the law on affordable care in the midst of the corona crisis is an act of unacceptable cruelty,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, Joe Biden, the supposed Democratic presidential candidate, accused President Donald Trump of continuing to support the law.

“Today, his government is filing an interview with the Supreme Court to remove health care coverage from 23 million Americans – including 224,000 Wisconsinites,” Biden said, commenting on Trump’s visit to Badr State. “Every American deserves the peace that comes with access to affordable, high-quality health care.”

Biden, who is set to push for new health care this week, was vice president when former President Barack Obama signed the bill in 2010. He is calling for it to be strengthened by making federal remittances. generous and allowing more people to qualify for subsidies. It will also add a public government option and reduce Medicare’s eligibility age to 60.

Meanwhile, Priorities USA, a super-Biden super PAC, is releasing a TV commercial called “Failing On Health Care”, which highlights Trump’s ongoing efforts to undermine Obamacare and will run in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. There is also a digital ad called “Pull the Plug”, which states that 133 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could lose protection and their costs could increase if the challenge of the Trump Supreme Court is successful.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra defended the law in a campaign campaign for Biden on Wednesday, saying it had allowed millions of Americans to obtain coverage, especially black, Latino and Asian Americans.

“ACA has changed lives and now through this pandemic, we can all see the value of having better access to quality health care at affordable prices,” he said, noting that black Americans are four times more likely to be treated with corona. . “Now is not the time to take away our best tool for tackling very real and very deadly health inequalities in our communities.”

About 11.4 million people signed up for Obamacare 2020 policies in exchanges, while nearly 12.7 million low-income adults have been covered by the Medicaid expansion. It allows young adults up to the age of 26 to stay on their parents’ contracts and forbids insurers from refusing to cover those who buy their own contracts or charge them more due to pre-existing conditions. And it allows many people to get free birth checks, annuals, mammograms and cholesterol tests.

It affects almost all Americans, many of whom are unaware of the impact of the law.

The archives came a day after House Democrats introduced a bill to boost the landmark. Similar to Biden’s plan, it would make Obamacare policies more affordable by boosting federal premium subsidies – reducing monthly premiums to 8.5% of record income and allowing more middle-class Americans to receive four-year subsidies by eliminating it. times the level of poverty. It is also trying to entice more states to expand Medicaid to low-income adults by covering 100% of the cost for the first three years.

And it will reverse many of the Trump administration’s moves to weaken the law, including the restoration of funds for marketing and registration assistance during Obamacare’s annual registration period.

The movement in the House, led by Pelosi, seeks to make a sharp contrast between the parties on health care, an issue that is becoming even more pressing in the midst of the corona pandemic.

“It was a mistake at any time,” said the California Democrat. “Now, it’s beyond stupid.”

This story was reacted to by Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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