The Pacers lead the Knicks to Gordon Hayward

The Pacers lead the Knicks to Gordon Hayward

The Knicks may not be battling Boston for the chance to make the most famous arena in the world – Madison Square Gordon.

The opportunity for the Pacers to bring former Celtics star Gordon Hayward back to their Indy home, where he grew up and led Butler to two NCAA Finals Fours, has been a major attraction.

According to a source, the Pacers are Hayward’s first runners and are trying to land him through a signal and exchange. The Pacers do not have the gap, but names like Aaron Holiday and Myles Turner have appeared.

In fact, the only two teams with significant space to sign Hayward are the Knicks and Hawks. Atlanta is not interested according to a source. The Knicks are interested in Hayward and two jazz alumni are on the Knicks staff. But Hayward prefers to go home.

New Assistant General Manager Walt Perrin designed Hayward in 2010 with the 10th option. And Howard recently hired assistant coach Johnny Bryant for years before leaving for Boston in 2017 and saw the All-Star course decline.

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The Knicks have $ 35 million in funds that go into opening the free order on Friday night. The post mentioned earlier Knicks should offer an offer of at least two to three years at $ 20 million per.

The Knicks are also in the market for a veteran point guard, who could be a starter. DJ Augustin, Jeff Teague, Kris Dunn on their list. Goran Dragkic signed again with Miami.

If the Knicks do not land on Hayward, they are interested in Davis Bertans of Washington, who was to meet the Wizards first at 6 p.m.

The Knicks would prefer to engage with the Celtics in a brand and trade in which they can make a small salary. With the drafting of the front Obi Toppin and the addition of Hayward, Julius Randle becomes more expensive.

Hayward, 30, is a perfect forward as a playmaking forward who shoots well from a range of 3 points and was an All-Star in 2017 before breaking his leg. On average 17 points with 50 percent shooting from the field in 2019-20. His recent drop led to speculation that he would choose the last year of $ 34 million with Boston, but he dropped a curve by choosing Thursday.

His agent is Mark Bartelstein, who had resigned from three Knicks clients Thursday at Taj Gibson, Bobby Portis and Wayne Ellington. One of the two, Gibson or Portis, has a legitimate chance of returning fewer bids.

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