Military call after TikTok "war tea" becomes global

The military, called up after TikTok, the “tea war” comes out global

(CNN) – You will remember the tea party in Boston from 1773, when American revolutionaries famously walked the British, throwing boxes of tea in the port of Boston.

New spitting in the right way to make a “cup” has become a similar international incident, with the ambassadors of the United Kingdom and the United States sticking their spoons.

It all started in early May when an American TikTok user named Michelle from North Carolina stirred up a fierce twist on social media platforms with his controversial guide to making “hot tea.”

It included a microwave and a dishonest mix of milk, lemonade powder, cinnamon, Tang soft drink, industrial quantities of sugar, and an innocent tea that certainly deserved better things in life.

This was too much for British consumers, who are proud of their national drink with homes, with leaves imported mainly from Kenya, India and Malawi. The twins’ topics in the furious outpouring of comments were “war crime” and “diabetes.”

Michelle did not share a guide for “British tea” involving less physical intimacy between a bag of water and water than between a rigid couple in “Short meeting. ”
That was with her video this week British eggsWith the help of canned cream, Michelle – who lives in the UK and is probably familiar with local customs – confirmed the suspicions that she was really joking.

The fifth TikTok columnist has already garnered over five million likes for her efforts, but she has also sparked righteous anger in a nation close to the boiling point and with a lot of time in her hands.

That’s what Damn Karen Pierce, the British ambassador to the United States in Washington, called for in the military.

Yes, that’s right, in a video released Monday, she got the boys from the British Army, Navy and Air Force to demonstrate how to make tea in a patriotic and popcorn way. There was even a nod to how to hold high tea at high altitude.

Pierce had gathered his forces behind him, but when Woody Johnson, the US ambassador to the United Kingdom, joined on Wednesday, he acted like Dirty Harry and went solo.

His strategy was smart. It continued after Britain’s weakness: coffee. When the UK is weak on continental-style caffeine consumption, how can it go wrong?

The problem with this Clint Eastwood cappuccino is that it makes what looks like an absolutely awful cup of coffee.

He commits the main sin in the use of instant coffee, raising hacks to any connoisseur faster than hot water dissolves dried granulated granules.

As people around the world have increased their gourmet emissions during the blockade, with their starter pots and AeroPress cold boils, there can only be one message for Johnson. Do better.

There are still no video responses from Rafaele Trombeta, Italy’s ambassador to the UK since 2018, and Armando Varicchio, Italy’s ambassador to the United States for the past four years.

Nor were there any comments on TikTok tea from Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to Britain, or Josefat Karanja and Gaytri I. Kumar, the high commissioners of Kenya and India in Britain, respectively.

Is the time for silence over?

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