The failure of Trump's pandemic is now directly affecting his campaign

The failure of Trump’s pandemic is now directly affecting his campaign

The results of the tests made Trump’s dangerous decision to proceed with an internal rally that doctors fear turned into a contagious super-spread incident into an even worse light. They also show how the virus – which is now spreading to southern and western states despite Trump’s insistence that the United States has already “dominated” the race – has a devastating effect on the “Great American Comeback” narrative at the heart of his re-election offer.

Far from alleviating the political damage caused by the virus, Trump continues to aggravate it. On Monday, he gave new life to a controversy sparked by his comment on Saturday that he told his staff to slow down tests for the virus to avoid the discovery of new cases, which in themselves reflect his negligence in responding to a a pandemic that has now killed more than 120,000 Americans.

Trump, who described his remarks as “half-tongue on the cheek”, went on to argue that the problem in the United States is not that the virus is so prevalent, but that tests continue to reveal how deeply it has penetrated the community.

“Instead of 25 million tests, let’s say we did 10 million tests, we would look like we did much better because we had far fewer cases. You know. I wouldn’t do that, but I would say this: we’re doing a lot more than others. countries, it makes us look bad, but in reality we are doing the right thing, “Trump said.

The comments appear to be triggering another political storm that will further complicate the President’s campaign team ‘s efforts to recover from Saturday’s embarrassment. The campaign team is now looking at smaller venues for Trump events – a move that will certainly hit the leader’s ego or outdoor locations where supporters may feel more comfortable.

Campaign limits would be unacceptable for any President seeking re-election. For Trump, such a stress of his style would be even worse, given the central position of his great rallies in his political identity and the moral role they play for a president who is a foreigner in Washington.

A strong base

There is no doubt that the President is keeping Republican voters tight – the reluctance of GOP senators to reprimand him for his latest racist comment – when he called the corona from China “the kung flu” – proof that.

And Fox News said Trump’s return to the trail secured Saturday’s biggest TV audience night in its history, suggesting that while some Trump fans may have been worried about the virus, their absence from Talsa was not limited to reduced enthusiasm.

Trump has always defied political gravity – and the impact of months at home and on locks makes it even harder than usual for political analysts to get a consistent assessment of how much the country sees the President now.

However, the rally’s controversy shows more fundamental political challenges facing Trump as he follows former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in the polls and the virus is tightening its grip on almost half the country.
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Saturday night’s event was intended to send a message that the worst danger from the pandemic is over and that America is on the way back. Instead, he suggested that even Trump supporters who chose not to attend an internal event that posed a risk of infection may not yet believe the main message of their hero’s campaign.

With more than a thousand Americans likely to die before Election Day, Trump must face the prospect that his denial and mismanagement of the pandemic that left the country ill-prepared for a deadly public health crisis is becoming a gem. that his campaign could never be shaken away.

Aggressive attacks

The President’s response in a miserable 48 hours was typical – a complete attack. Targeting Biden and the Democrats, proving his fierce persistence in a way that also implied concern in his inner circle.

Trump has denied a number of strong allegations on Twitter – which have no basis – that the e-mail poll, which is being considered by many states, will lead to massive fraud and foreign interference in the November election.

The President’s team followed a new attack on Biden’s health and mental abilities. They argued that the former vice president’s decision to remain in the contract and sign up for only three official presidential hearings in the fall – and not the extra meetings required by Trump – shows that the former vice president has reservations about taking over the presidency. The tactic was a return to defining Biden as unfit to serve as President – which does not seem to be working if state elections on the battlefield continue.

Trump has also returned to the safe haven where he often returns when he is in political trouble – a tough immigration policy, signing an executive order that further restricts legal immigration.

On Tuesday, Trump will travel to Arizona to tour a section of the border wall that was so fundamental to his call for conservative supporters of the base in his first campaign.

The President’s actions were all offensive bets that could attract his ardent supporters. Combined with Saturday’s campaign rally rally, which included meandering diversions, rich self-esteem, occasional racism and misinformation, it was difficult to see how they would appeal to controversial non-Trump-based voters.
The trip to Arizona – although it will provide fodder for Trump’s conservative media department – will certainly be overshadowed by the state’s increasingly intense battle with the virus. The state of Grand Canyon was among 10 other states that were won mainly by Trump, who saw the highest average of seven days in the daily new cases of corona on June 21. according to Johns Hopkins University.

While the President is out of town, two of his top public health officials, the Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield and the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fawy will testify before a House committee on the growing situation. in many states.

Trump will try to leave behind the annoying scenes of Saturday night when he speaks at a “Students for Trump” event in Arizona.

Participants have been invited to wear face masks to the event, but will not be required to wear them.

Democrats are already trying to take advantage of Trump’s comments about the slowdown in tests in Oklahoma, which he sees as an emblem of a mismanaged attempt to tackle a virus that has disrupted the economy.

“Two nights ago at his dissertation, he told them to stop testing because the numbers are going up … I mean, my God,” Biden said at a fundraiser, according to a rally on Monday.

CNN’s Kevin Liptak and Kaitlan Collins contributed to the report.

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