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The Biden and Trump campaigns are staffed with a variety of staff

Thirty-five percent of Joe Biden’s full-time staff are people of color, an aide to Biden’s campaign told CNN, while 36 percent of senior staff are people of color. Both senior staff and full-time staff are women with a majority, with 53% of full-time staff and 58% of senior staff being recognized as women. Five percent of staff chose not to specify, the assistant told CNN.

The recently released data does not show the complete analysis of the employees based on race and nationality.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign released some of its numbers later Saturday.

Of the campaign’s full-time staff, 52% are women, while the top staff consists of 56% women and 25% people of color, said CNN spokesman Donald Judd. There was no color analysis between full-time staff, the spokesman said.

Alida Garcia, co-founder of Inclusv, a diversity in the political group, told CNN before Trump’s campaign that her numbers were released that the company was “excited” to see the Biden campaign hitting this wonderful first step. transparency around their makeup team, “but pointed out that there is ‘obviously room for growth.’

“We are optimistic that they will be able to beat even the numbers where Hillary Clinton ended up in her campaign,” Garcia said.

According to the assistant, senior staff includes department heads, senior advisers, deputy campaign managers and senior advisers who spend most of their time in the campaign and others. The assistant notes that the campaign is continuing its recruitment process and expects to continue to add key leaders to the campaign.

The release comes after Biden was pressured for the diversity of his senior staff during a town hall that focuses on issues affecting Asian-American and Pacific islands communities and amid a growing national debate on racial justice and integration.

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Biden confirmed to the respondent that he was and instructed his staff to publish diversity data after the event.

“We will announce the diversity data today when we withdraw from this call. We will call you, and the fact is that we have very different staff. And we have a different staff that goes beyond everything, high level and senior positions,” Biden said.

Garcia told CNN that Inclusv has been working with the Biden campaign for months to create a different team and predicted that they would work together in the coming weeks to organize seminars and events for people of color who are interested in participating in the campaign.

Pointing to the lack of specialization in the data released, Garcia said, “Providing better understanding to each community about where they are in the organization is really important for the organization to be self-reliant to make sure they build teams in the states. they reflect the voters of the states but for external entities to assess how many seats on the table they really have. “

“At the very least, we believe that democratic campaigns should reflect the voters who make up their share of the vote for their victory,” Garcia said.

Biden often showed the diversity of his team on the campaign path, telling voters who questioned how to be president without exclusions, “Look at my staff.” He has also long vowed to have a different administration that “looks like America”, although his campaign recently did not provide diversity data to BuzzFeed News when asked.

In response to a question asked on Saturday by Biden about the representation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders during the mayoral election, the campaign noted that AAPI’s top leaders in the campaign include the chief financial officer of the campaign. the national director of voter protection, the head of digital staff, director of digital collaborations and deputy director.

This story has been updated to include numbers of diversity from the Trump campaign.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to correct Inclusv’s spelling.

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