The 142-year-old temperature record of Salt Lake City broke on Monday

The 142-year-old temperature record of Salt Lake City broke on Monday

SALT LAKE CITY – Talk about Octobrr.

The temperature at Salt Lake City International Airport dropped to 20 degrees on Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service. This reading broke the record for the coldest October 26 below the city record of 22 degrees which was 142 years before 1878.

Cold temperatures were also reported across the state as a result of the weather that passed through Utah over the weekend. Wasatch produces snow during Sunday morning. Bountiful received 5.5 inches, while Salt Lake City received an inch of snow.

Snow falls in Salt Lake City on Sunday, October 25, 2020. The city officially received an inch of snow on Sunday, but parts of the Wasatch Front received several inches. (Photo: Carter Williams,

East winds began to rise late Sunday through Monday along the northern parts of the Wasatch Front. these winds were expected to disappear by Monday noon.

However, temperatures dropped to single digits Monday morning in places like Alta and Kimball Junction, KSL meteorologist Grant Weyman noted. Due to the winds, the wind temperatures reached below zero in some places.

“Full winter – treat it like mid-January,” Weyman said. “It’s so cold this morning.”

The storm also produced snow in southeastern Utah as it moved Sunday night Monday morning. Arches National Park officials wrote on Twitter that the park road was closed on Monday morning due to winter weather. It was expected to reopen later Monday.

Highs on Monday were expected to be in the mid-30s to lows of 40 along the Wasatch Front and northern Utah. Predicted highs in southern Utah range from 22 degrees in Monticello to 51 degrees in St. Louis. George.

Cold weather is a complete reversal of the month so far. According to the National Weather Service, the preliminary average temperature of October 2020 was 59.2 degrees by Sunday. This is about 5 points above the season average.

The city fell to the freezing point for the first time this season on Friday, noted the agency. It was just four days after the average freeze, which is October 19th. Temperatures at the airport ranged from a low of 20 degrees on Monday morning to a high of 85 degrees on October 10 this month.

For those looking for warmer temperatures, this is the way to go. High temperatures on the Wasatch Front are expected to return to the mid-1960s by Halloween. Agios Georgios is expected to have highs in the 70s as well.

Visit it The KSL Weather Center here for a complete 7-day weather forecast across Utah.

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