Stephen Colbert invites BS to Rudy Giuliani's Borat Excuse

Stephen Colbert invites BS to Rudy Giuliani’s Borat Excuse

Borat Later Moviefilm no press Amazon Prime Video until Friday. But Stephen Colbert could not wait to talk about one very special scene from the continuation of Wednesday night Night show.

“Every four years, around this time of the election, people start to worry about a surprise in October,” said the host near the top of his monologue. “It simply came to our notice then. In October, we feared a courtesy from a personal lawyer and Trump’s husband who had to constantly gnaw on a tree trunk to prevent his teeth from growing under his lower lip, Rudy Giuliani.

As Colbert put it, “Ghouliani” appears in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, which will be hosted on Night show this coming Monday night. “And it turns out we can have some things to talk about,” he said, before detailing the scene, which we can confirm culminates with the “mayor of America” ​​falling into his pants and appearing to be touching. himself in a hotel room with the (adult) actor playing Borat’s teenage daughter in the movie.

“Jeffrey Tobin, it’s over!” the host said, referring to New Yorker author and CNN analyst who no one speaks anymore. “Don’t worry,” he added, “the teenage daughter was actually a 24-year-old actress. And you can still watch without having to look at Rudy’s clothes because the scene is quickly interrupted by Borat, who runs and says, “She’s 15 years old. She’s too big for you!” »

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