So what if the next Donald Trump is, then, Donald Trump?

So what if the next Donald Trump is, then, Donald Trump?

But even if Democrats get their wishes in 144 days, it’s not at all clear that they (or the country) will get rid of Trump – not just as an entity in our culture, but possibly as a presidential candidate. Again.

Trump would be absolutely within his constitutional rights to do so. While a president can only serve two consecutive four-year terms (although Trump has “jokingly” violated that limit!), There is no law against a president returning to claim office after losing a second term.

In fact, it has already happened once in our history! Grover Cleveland was elected president in 1884, but lost to Benjamin Harrison in 1888. (Harrison won the Electoral College, while Cleveland won the popular vote. Sound familiar?) Without experience, Cleveland defeated Harris in 1892., and became the 22nd and 24th president.
When you consider Trump’s inability to admit defeat and the very real possibility that he will never give up on Biden if he loses, the idea of ​​running again – or never stopping running – starts to make a lot of sense.
Yes, it already exists an active effort within the GOP to be the Next Donald Trump, the heir to the political coalition built by the billionaire businessman during his hostile takeover of the Republican Party.

But everyone knows that Trump thinks he’s a great man in history, the kind of person who can’t be reproduced or reproduced.

He tells anyone he will hear that the 2016 campaign was one of the largest ever. It is favorably compared to the compatriots of our greatest Presidents. (“I’ve always said that I can be more president than any president in history except the honest Abe Lincoln when he wears a hat.” Trump said in 2019.He insists that his government has produced the “largest” economy in history (it has not) and that it has done more in its first term than any president ever (impossible to control or prove).

Does this seem to me like a guy who, if he could get a chance to be president again, would make a pass, preferring to try other people? No no.

People who reject Trump’s idea of ​​running again if he loses in 2020 are many of the same people who spent the first two years (or more) of Trump’s first term insisting he wouldn’t ask for another four years, that he never did. that he would win and that he didn’t really want or didn’t like the job.

No! This thought loses this central part of Trump’s character: He has spent a lifetime pushing his way to the forefront. He was a relentless seeker of attention (created a fake employee named John Barron to leak whispers of his attractiveness to women on New York cards!) and a lifelong search for elite approval (despite his insistence on the contrary.)

Being president is the most exclusive club in the world. It’s the biggest spot in the world, every day. It is wall-to-wall coverage. It is attention, relevance and respect, all in one. That’s what Trump wanted forever.

So if you had it and you might lose it, what would you do for Trump? Make him do anything to get it back, right? Once again, let’s stick it to the people who counted him, who deceived him, who plotted and conspired against him.

And given the current Republican Party’s strong commitment, who could seriously challenge Trump’s candidacy if he made it clear he wanted it? Answer: None.

As for concerns that Trump is too old to run for president again in 2024? He would be 78 in June of that year – making him four years younger than a possible President Joe Biden! (And not for nothing, Bernie Sanders was president in 2020 at the age of 78).

Will all this happen? Probably not! Trump can make a comeback – as he did in 2016 – and win a second term. Maybe he decides to be president is too bad for his business (Trump claimed without proof in 2019 that he is president it cost him between $ 2 billion and $ 5 billion).

But knowing what we know about Trump and the current state of the Republican Party, there is a lot of evidence that even if Trump loses in 2020, the country is far from him.

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