SNL skewers Trump for Supreme Court Covid superspreader event as Jim Carrey joins cast as Biden

SNL skewers Trump for Supreme Court Covid superspreader event as Jim Carrey joins cast as Biden

Live on Saturday night returned to his famous studio for the first time since March 7, with a cold open sketch that recreates Tuesday’s presidential debate.

Towards the end of the sketch, to the applause of the audience, Karen Biden pulled out a remote control and stopped the president, silencing him.

“I think we all needed a break. Not satisfactory? “Just so he wouldn’t hear his voice for a second,” he said in a queue and applauded.

The section ended with bypassing the president’s indifference to social distances and face masks during the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent announcement by the Supreme Court candidate to the White House that a superspreader Covid-19 event would obviously take place.

Saying he believes in science and karma, cartoonist Carey Biden said: “Now, imagine if science and karma could somehow work together to send us a message about how dangerous this virus can be.”

Turning and looking at the frozen Trump, he said, “I’m not saying I want it to happen, but imagine if he did.” The audience in the studio applauded enthusiastically.

The satire of the first presidential debate saw Beck Bennett play Fox Wall’s Chris Wallace, who begged: “Mr President, if you keep interrupting, I will do nothing about it!”

Fan favorite Maya Rudolph has returned as Kamala Harris, portrayed as a stern mother director, scolding candidates for their behavior and asking Chris Wallace to see her in her office after a discussion.

The first episode behind an audience after the coronavirus restrictions hit production and forced the innovative creation of in-house versions of the show, was hosted by comedian Chris Rock.

Megan Thee Stallion was a music host.

The socially remote audience contained a large number of first responders as a thank you for their service.

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