"SNL" returns with Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump to take Jim Carrey's Joe Biden

“SNL” returns with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump to take Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden

NBC’s Variety Show opened with a sketch of this week’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump, played by Alec Baldwin and former vice president Joe Biden, played by Jim Carrey.

“The following is a re-broadcast of Tuesday’s presidential debate, even though Tuesday feels like 100 days ago,” said a voice who opened the show. “We thought it was important to see it again, as it may be the only presidential debate. And it was a lot of fun to watch, as long as you do not live in America.”

Coordinator Chris Wallace, played by Beck Bennett, brought Baldwin’s Trump first.

“And you did the Covid test you promised to do in advance, right?” Bennett Wallace asked.

“Absolutely, honor the scout,” Baldwin Trump replied with his fingers crossed.

Bennett’s Wallace then brought in Carrey’s Biden.

“Just a second, Chris,” he said, using a tape measure to put enough space between himself and Baldwin Trump.

Bennett’s Wallace said it looked like Carrey’s Biden was ready to talk.

“Absolutely not,” he replied. “But I have the beginning of 46 imaginary ideas that I may or may not have access to.”

Then the discussion started. However, instead of a discussion, it was just Trump and Baldwin’s Carey Biden shouting at each other.

“Chris Wallace is bad, the economy is bad. He keeps losing jobs, which is bad for me,” said Baldwin Trump.

He then described the pandemic as a farce.

“This statement is something that will probably come back to haunt me later this week,” he said.

Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris then came out to prevent Trump from being bad for her partner.

“Look at me, Donald. “You do not treat my Joe like that,” he said. “He’s a nice boy.”

But the argument continued between the two candidates until Biden had enough and pulled out a remote control to stop Trump.

“I’m sorry, but I think we all needed a break,” said Carrey’s Biden. “Let ‘s be happy in Trampoline”.

Karen Biden then spoke live on camera and unveiled his new campaign slogan: “America – Not Actively On Fire Again”.

After immobilizing Baldwin Trump, Carrey, Baldwin and Rudolph all came out to say the show’s phrase, “Live from New York … It’s Saturday night!”

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