Several English pubs were forced to close again after customers tested positive for corona

Several English pubs were forced to close again after customers tested positive for corona

Customers at pubs across the country were asked for contact information before they could enter, to help detect contacts if someone was later found to have the virus.

Now, at least three locations had to be closed again, as some customers showed positive for the Covid-19 after their visit at the weekend.

A post on the Facebook page of the Fox and Hounds pub in Batley, North England, said a customer – who was at the facility on Saturday – called on Monday to say he had been tested positive for coronavirus.

“During their visit, they did not know and had no symptoms,” the post added.

“This is not the message we wanted to write so soon, but the lighthouse will close because of a positive customer,” a pub on Burnham-on-Sea in southwest England added on social media.

Both pubs said staff members were tested.

Pumps are allowed to open in England on Saturday for the first time in three months.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged drinkers to behave responsibly, but showed footage over the weekend large crowds outside the city’s pubs without social distances and a few revelers wearing masks.

A third site, Village Home Pub in the south of England, said it hoped to reopen on Saturday after a positive customer.

“Anyone who was at the pub at the weekend does not need to be isolated unless you show symptoms or contact the monitoring team directly,” he told social media customers. England’s track and field operation is not yet fully operational.

The pubs had to implement social distancing and limit the number of attendees in order to reopen, but many Britons flock to their locals independently.

“An expected busy night and confirming what we knew, alcohol and social distance are not a good combination,” said John Apter, president of the National Police Federation on Sunday.

Heavy crowds in Soho, central London

Apter, who was on duty in the southern English town of Southampton on Saturday night, said he and his associates had been involved in “happy drunks, angry drunks, fights” and anti-social behavior. “What was clear was that drunken people could not / would not be socially excluded,” he said.

Five pubs in Nottinghamshire, in the East Midlands area of ​​England, decided to close early after the anti-social behavior, police said at the weekend and officers made four arrests following reports of a broken window and a small attack.

However, Inspector Craig Berry thanked “the majority of the public who acted responsibly throughout Saturday.”

Many sites chose to remain closed, explaining that they cannot guarantee that it would be safe to welcome drinkers again. Pubs in Scotland and Wales will have to wait until later this month to reopen.

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