Saudi Arabia's new airport design unveiled

Saudi Arabia’s new airport design unveiled

(CNN) – A design for a luxury new airport that looks like a glamorous desert mirror has been unveiled as part of Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion dollar plan to rediscover itself as an important international tourist destination.

The airport will serve the new super luxury resort of the Middle East AMAALA, a huge complex focused on wellness and sustainability that will extend to three locations on the shores of the Red Sea.

It is planned to be fully completed in 2028, while the new airport is planned to be operational by 2023, to coincide with the start of the first phase of the resort. The terminal is designed to accommodate one million visitors a year.

The new structure is expected to handle almost exclusively wealthy travelers, and is intended as a luxury statement. Inside there will be a spacious courtyard and many features based on this “extremely luxurious” atmosphere.

“Given the nature of AMAALA’s visitor profile very high to extremely high net worth, our mobility strategy shows that more than 80% of AMAALA’s visitors will arrive by air,” AMAALA head of development Carlos Wakim told CNN.

The UK-based architecture and design company Foster + Partners is behind the impressive design, which is obviously inspired by the visual illusion of a desert reflection. The team of consultants and engineers Egis maps the general plan of the airport.

Wakim says AMAALA worked closely with the designers to create the overall result.

“Private Club Experience”

Inside, the airport is designed to be just as enjoyable as this performance shows.

Gentle offer Foster + Partners

The team describes the airport closer to an “exclusive private club experience” than a simple transport hub.

Wakim says it is reminiscent of the lobby of a large hotel and describes the terminal as a place where people can meet, where business and leisure are combined in an environment that is not recognizable as an airport, but as the beginning and end of a super-luxury experience of the resort curated for a community with the same mind. “

AMAALA International Airport - sunset view

The airport is set to open in 2023.

Gentle offer Foster + Partners

It will also offer sheds designed for private aircraft, as well as points for commercial aircraft.

Wakim also believes the terminal will be well equipped to manage social distance measures if required, noting that “lobbies and lounges easily allow privacy protection and unimpeded flow of passengers.”

The airport will start operating before the rest of the resort to facilitate preparations for the opening.

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