Rochester, New York Mayor Warren has been charged with charges including first-degree fraud and election violation

Rochester, New York Mayor Warren has been charged with charges including first-degree fraud and election violation

Rochester, New YorkMayor Lovely Warren was accused On Friday, campaign finance costs that arose from her campaign three years ago, officials said.

Monroe County Attorney Sandra Doorley said Warren faces two felonies, including a plan to defraud in the first instance and a violation of the election law. Also charged were Warren’s campaign treasurer, Albert Jones Jr., and its political action committee secretary, Rosalind Brooks-Harris.

Warren has not been arrested but will be prosecuted, Dorley said. If convicted, he would be fired from the office.

“This could be a long process and we expect there could be challenges along the way, so I do not think this will be resolved quickly,” Doorley told a news conference.


Rochester, New York Mayor Lovely Warren was accused Friday of violating campaign finance rules and committing fraud during her re-election campaign three years ago. (Photo by AP / Adrian Kraus, Archive)

Warren called the investigation a “political witch hunt.” Her lawyer did not return messages from Fox News asking for comment.

No details were released about the ongoing investigation, but the allegations focused on Warren’s first term from November 2013 to November 2017, in which he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for her re-election. mentionted.

Dorley said the city’s first female mayor and others have taken steps to avoid contribution limits.

The New York State Electoral Council is investigating the mayor over the financial interactions between a political action committee that supported her re-election and her campaign. At one point, Warren for a Stronger Rochester PAC transferred $ 30,000 from the team to Warren’s committee of Friends of Lovely Warren, according to 2017 spending reports received from the news site.

Coordinating PACs and committees is prohibited under state rules. Warren claims the money was accidentally placed in a PAC account.

The indictment comes as Warren, a Democrat, faces political turmoil over the handling of the city since the death of Daniel Prut, who suffocated in March while in custody.


She suspended Seven Police Officers Paid Amid Ongoing Investigation And Top Rochester Police Department resigned last month. The city police chief was eventually fired.

Critics have accused city and police officials of covering up the circumstances of Prude’s death, which were not fully understood until videos of the police meeting were released in September, triggering protests and calls for reforms. A doctor considered Prude’s death a homicide.

Warren is expected to be prosecuted on Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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