Robert Whittaker vs. Darren Till full fight video highlights

Robert Whittaker vs. Darren Till comprehensive combat online video highlights

Check out Robert Whittaker vs. Darren Until whole battle online video highlights from UFC on ESPN 14’s principal celebration above, courtesy of the UFC and ESPN.

UFC on ESPN 14 took location July 25 at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker battled a person-time welterweight title challenger Darren Till in a middleweight contest, which aired dwell on ESPN+ and ESPN. Capture additional video clip highlights underneath.

For additional on Whittaker vs. Till, verify out the dwell web site by MMA Fighting’s Steven Marrocco.

Spherical 1: Till jumps in and normally takes a left jab. Whittaker takes advantage of that jab once more to jam Till’s forward method. Until pressuring heavily, and Whittaker goes with a remaining hook that is just small. Pause as both equally reset. Feints from Whittaker, and a kick is scooped away. Till and Whittaker collide, and Whittaker hits the deck. Not confident no matter whether Whittaker was harm, but he receives up promptly, and the fight resumes its regular speed. Till starts to strain all over again, and Whittaker swings wild to continue to keep him off. Until goes higher with a kick and appears to be like for that straight still left. He starts to join, and Whittaker’s counters are wild. Till presses to the fence, and the two pause. Whittaker turns and attempts to escape, but Till likes the battle in which it is. Toss makes an attempt from Whittaker will get Until off, and he’s bought Whittaker cornered. Large kick blocked by Whittaker, who’s regularly receiving backed up. They trade low kicks, and Till goes back again to feinting. Correct hook clips Until, who ackowledges the shot and carries on to push. He will get out of the way just as Whittaker goes substantial with a kick and proceeds to press. Whittaker attempts a few forward costs, and a straight left connects. Yet another awesome reduced kick from Whittaker finishes the body.

MMA Fighting scores the spherical 10-9 for Till.

Spherical 2: Whittaker tries that lunging right again, and Until catches a remaining hook when he arrives in hands down. Whittaker and Until trade minimal kicks, getting the steam out of a single Whittaker punch. Until goes to work on the guide leg, and a lunging correct hand drops Till. He speedily recovers and ties up. Whittaker tries to frame off and use his elbow, and he beats the body. Wonderful still left elbow, and Until tries to tie up yet again. Whittaker works a guard move and lands a nice elbow. Now in fifty percent-guard, Whittaker attempts to trap Till’s correct arm and then goes again to the entire body. Whittaker’s still left elbow would make Till attempt a scramble, and Until moves to his arms and knees ahead of acquiring up. Until back again on his feet and going forward. Whittaker goes back again to the leg. Till seeking to established up significant punches with his feints, his face swollen from the destruction he took on the canvas. Whittaker attacks the guide leg, and Till again inches forward, drawing an additional flurry from Whittaker. Guard is additional on issue for Whittaker, who misses high with a kick to close the body.

MMA Battling scores the round 10-9 for Whittaker, and it’s 19-19.

Round 3: Whittaker goes back again to work on the direct leg of Till. Now, Till is hoping to take the target absent by lifting his leg. Much more feints from Till, who lunges with that straight remaining and follows with a substantial kick. Once more, Whittaker sees it coming. Until attempting to established up that straight right, and Whittaker will come out windmilling with that appropriate. Higher kick dodged by Until. Uppercut connects for the Brit, and he draws a straight jab that connects. Till gets around Whittaker, who handles up. Knee up the middle from Till, and Till yet again dodges the substantial kick. As Whittaker gets in close and fires that ideal, Until slips and comes back with his still left. Whittaker retains him off balance with a leg get, then resets. Yet another fastball proper from Whittaker, and it whiffs. Till attempts that elbow once more, and Whittaker presses briefly for a takedown. Game of cat and mouse as the two try and examine every other’s fees. Whittaker explodes into yet another punch and misses. Spherical arrives to a shut with a whimper as they stare at each and every other.

MMA Combating scores the spherical 10-9 for Whittaker, who’s up 29-28.

Spherical 4: Till explodes in and attracts a short right from Whittaker. Wonderful straight left from Till, who’s picked up the pace a very little little bit. Whittaker bouncing back and forth, and a staring match ensues. Neither would like to make the 1st miscalculation and be uncovered. Whittaker goes to the guide leg once more. Substantial kick from Whittaker whiffs. Until cracks with an elbow, and he follows up with a pair of awesome pictures. Whittaker whiffs on a counter-charge, and they reset. They clash heads as the two explode. Again, staring match. Whittaker attempts a jab and then grabs for a leg, if only to distract for a punch. Till attempting to attract the hook to counter with his straight punches. Whittaker normally takes a straight remaining. Again, Whittaker fees in, and Till operates knees to the body as the ex-champ sneaks in a punch. Straight left established up takedown try from Whittaker, who simply cannot near it out with a punch. Whittaker with a proper hand, and Until dodges the comply with-up tries. Round ends in a staring contest.

MMA Preventing scores the body 10-9 for Till, and it’s 38-38.

Round 5: Whittaker sits down on a appropriate and nails it. A different one particular sets up a solitary-leg attempt, and Till pulls away and tries to place that straight left on concentrate on. They clash once more as Whittaker costs. Until looking for that higher kick again. Whittaker goes back to his kicks, pawing absent to the leg and system. Awesome one particular-two from Till, who’s just waiting for the correct possibility to counter. Whittaker’s rates even now trying to keep him off balance. They trade leg kicks, and Whittaker degree adjustments into a punch. Till sticks that remaining straight all over again. Whittaker eats a appropriate hand heading in with his left hook. Till chases again and attempts his straight remaining. Whittaker assaults the guide leg, and Till grits it out. A further one leg into a punch endeavor from Whittaker. Whittaker kicks to the overall body, and Till replies with a direct elbow. Reduce opened on Whittaker’s ear, and Herb Dean stops the motion briefly. Whittaker grabs the leg and completes a takedown, only to see Till pop suitable back up. Bleeding closely, he hangs on as Until carries on to right himself. They eventually appear to a stop from the cage with Whittaker shifting for the takedown. A very, pretty near spherical and a near fight.

MMA Preventing scores the body 10-9 for Till, who receives the 48-47 rating.

Official Outcome: Robert Whittaker def. Darren Until via unanimous final decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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