Richard Quest: I got the Covid-19 two months ago. I am still discovering new areas of damage

Richard Quest: I got the Covid-19 two months ago. I am still discovering new areas of damage

Like many othersI now realize that I live and suffer from the long queue of Covid-19.
I have infected in mid-April. The onset of symptoms came quickly. Suddenly I noticed that I was very tired and had a new cough. I tried it in the morning after I received a phone call from the medical center, I had a positive for coronavirus.

The virus is like a tornado. When it lands, it swirls in the body, causing chaos, confusion, coughing, causing damage to any organ it touches. Some will not survive his visit. For those who do, when one is gone, one examines the damage to the human landscape and realizes that it is far greater than the first thought. My symptoms were milder: I never had difficulty breathing or loss of sensation or smell. I was exhausted and tired and always had a “cough”, which has now returned.

Covid’s cough is not like the usual cough-up-up cough (what doctors kindly call “productive cough”). It is very discreet. It is dry, broken, wheezing, coughing. In my case, many short, expelling air, followed by a long, deep, thoracic cough ending that has stops I wonder if I’m going to escape.

I have tried negatives for the virus and positives for antibodies and my doctor tells me he will not return. But there are days when I feel like it has.

I am also discovering new areas of damage: I have become incredibly clumsy. I’ve never been the most charming person, no one has ever called me cute, but my awkwardness is out of the tournament. If I reach for a glass, or take something out of a cupboard, I will hit it or throw it on the floor. I fell over the sidewalk and flew. I fall from the furniture. It’s as if this part of my brain, which subconsciously adapts the hand and moves to the obstacles it sees, doesn’t work.

Sometimes there is a feeling of mild confusion. The small delay in a thought, the hesitation with a word. No one will notice it except me.

My digestive system is weird, at least.

It doesn’t matter if I call them symptoms, traits or debris – my body doesn’t feel perfectly right.

The doctors are trying to reassure me, saying that this will wear off, but they can’t tell me when. Last week was bad. The cough was with me for days, I was tired and had to sleep. I fell over the tripod of the camera and fell over a chair! I’m worried, but I’m not panicking yet. This week he is already feeling much better.

For those who haven’t had a Covid or have seen the chaos it leaves behind, I urge you to do everything you can to avoid this tornado.

He will roar in the body – killing some on the road – injuring everyone in his path – and then when you think “well, thank God he’s gone”, look around, the damage is scattered everywhere and will be with you for a long time to come. the crisis is over.

The Covid is a tornado with a very long tail.

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