Remuneration for missing Fort Hood Vanessa Guillen soldier doubles to $ 50,000

Remuneration for missing Fort Hood Vanessa Guillen soldier doubles to $ 50,000

The Army initially offered a $ 15,000 reward for information leading to his whereabouts, but has since increased his reward to $ 25,000.

“We are fully committed to finding Vanessa and aggressively pursuing every piece of reliable information and any lead in this investigation,” said Chris Gray, a spokesman for the CID Army, in a statement released Monday. “We won’t stop until we find Vanessa.”

The $ 25,000 was raised by the prominent Latin American political rights organization, the League of United of Latin Latin Citizens (LULAC), on Tuesday.

“This young girl was wearing the uniform to serve our country. The least we can do is find out where we are now and what we can do to help her, “LULAC National President Domingo Garcia said during a press conference. virtual press conference Tuesday.

The search for Guillen, who is of Spanish descent, has caught the attention of both local and national celebrities.

Houston rapper Baby Bash has vowed to add an additional $ 5,000 to the reward in a Facebook post last week. And actress Salma Hayek has pledged to put Guillen’s photo on her Instagram stories every day until she is found.

Sexual harassment allegations

Before losing Guillen, she had told her family that she had been sexually harassed by one of her sergeants at Fort Hood. according to the site her family was created to promote the search. He did not identify the sergeant.

“We need to take a deep dive into this case to find Vanessa but get to the bottom of everything that could happen at Fort Hood,” Texas spokeswoman Sylvia Garcia told a news conference on Tuesday. “These allegations of sexual assault are not the first time we have heard allegations of sexual assault in the military.”

The Army CID, however, said it had found “no reliable information or report” that Guillen had been sexually assaulted or that her case was linked to the disappearance of Gregory Wedel-Morales, another soldier who disappeared last year while driving his car. in Killeen, Texas.

Last time wearing a black t-shirt

Guillen, a first-class private, was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and purple trousers, according to Army CID. The car keys, the room key, her ID and her wallet were later found in the arsenal where she had worked earlier that day.

Guillen is described as 5 feet 2 inches, 126 pounds with black hair and brown eyes, according to the CID military statement.

She has a cross tattoo with a flower on her left hand, a flower also on her left hand and a mountain with a circle on her upper left shoulder. according to her family’s website.

Officials are urging anyone with information on where they are to call in special agents from the CID Army or the military police.

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