PS5 Event: The exclusive games just announced

PS5 Event: The exclusive games just announced

Sony has introduced two versions of the PlayStation 5: a standard and a “Digital Edition” that removes the console’s drive. Without the drive, the PS5 looks symmetrical.

The sleek white console with black finish is tall and looks thinner than the Xbox Series X. A multimedia remote control, a camera and headphones will be available as accessories. Prices remain a mystery.

Thursday’s announcement included some games coming to the PS5 already available on the PS4, the current generation of gaming consoles such as the “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Here are the key points:

«Spider-Man: Miles Morales»

Spider-Man was already exclusive to PlayStation 4, so fans were waiting for the franchise to come to the PS5 as well. Sony confirmed to CNN Business that “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” will be exclusive to the PS5.

It is a sequel to the 2018 title with Miles, a character best known for appearing in the animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-ayat”.

The game is based on its previous title: Miles was briefly teased at the end of the 2018 game and Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, is featured in the new trailer. The game will launch on the PS5 this holiday season.

«Gran Turismo 7»

The popular racing game “Gran Turismo” gets a dose on PlayStation 5. The new title, “Gran Turismo 7”, does not yet have a release date, but it already has a campaign feature that allows players to win and customize new cars by winning races. .

The Japanese franchise has been a loyal part of Sony’s ecosystem: The Gran Turismo 6 was released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3, while the PlayStation 4 saw the Gran Turismo Sport in 2017.

«Resident Evil 8»

“Resident Evil 8” was another long-awaited title, which continues the successful horror series in 2021. The full name is “Resident Evil 8: Village” and it comes to PlayStation 5.

It’s a sequel to the horror survival game “Resident Evil 7” with a different setting from the previous game. The background looks gray and snowy, full of werewolf monsters.

The remake “Resident Evil 3” was released earlier in April. Producer Peter Fabiano told CNN Business at the time that fans had demanded a remake: “I think the characters, the settings and the overall themes and the thrills of the series make people want to go back for more.”

“Horizontal Forbidden West”

“Horizon Forbidden West” is the creative name for “Horizon Zero Dawn”, a popular open world game after the revelation that has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

In Forbidden West, a brave young woman returns as a protagonist to explore America’s new frontiers with animals that look like cyborg and abundant nature. The game does not have a set release date.

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