Philadelphia police inspector surrenders to face charges of student assault during protest

Philadelphia police inspector surrenders to face charges of student assault during protest

Philadelphia Police Inspector Joseph Bologna appeared in a mobile phone video showing a student of the University of the Temple being hit in the back of the head while the man took part in a protest against racism and injustice last Monday, prosecutors said.

Bologna will face charges of aggravated first-degree assault, second-degree assault, possession of a criminal instrument, abuse and threatening to another person, prosecutor Larry Krasner said last week.

Bologna surrendered on Monday and is awaiting indictment, according to Mike Neilon of Bellevue Public Relations.

Philadelphia police said Monday that the incident was still under investigation by the Home Affairs Unit and officials could not comment further.

Personnel inspectors belong to the department’s administrative staff.

The city’s website states: “The use of seasonal judgment and specialized knowledge and skills is required to investigate, manage and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and / or integrity of police departments, units, regions, etc. companies.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Daniel Oulay said Friday that while it was no secret that all the information that led to Krasner’s decision to charge Bologna.

“As a department, we do not forgive the criminal acts of any individual, and I sincerely hope that the prosecutor, in fact, makes all the people who cause harm to others equally guilty,” Outlaw said.

The unknown student suffered a major head injury that required staples and stitches. The student was initially arrested, but after examining the video, the prosecutor refused to prosecute.

Philadelphia’s fraternal police force sworn in statement last week to “vigorously defend Bologna from these baseless allegations and accusations.”

The police union said she was “disgusted” to learn of the allegations. Bologna, a police officer for more than 30 years, “has been dealing with a volatile and chaotic situation with only a millisecond of a second to make a decision,” the union said.

“These allegations clearly illustrate Krasner’s police agenda in Philadelphia,” the statement said.

CNN’s Laura Ly contributed to this report.

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