Open US 2020 standings, Patrick Reed takes the lead, Bryson DeChambeau goes low

Open US 2020 standings, Patrick Reed takes the lead, Bryson DeChambeau goes low

Round 2 of the 2020 US Open on Friday brought to light the bad Winged Foot tricks we’ve all been waiting to see this week. There were a total of 21 golfers who started the day below par, but only six finished in the red as lesson preparation drowns the pitch all afternoon.

Conditions stabilized as the day fell and scores rose steadily with only three golfers playing below par after a bonazza score (according to US Open standards) on Thursday. As we move through the day, it’s Patrick Reed – 4th in Round 2 – sitting at the top of the leaderboard through 36 action holes.

Reed leads with one blow over Brian Dabhau and two blows over Rafa Canberra Bello, Harris English and Justin Thomas.

CBS Sports has been with you all Friday, covering Round 2 of the US Open. Let’s take a look at the top of the leaderboard through 36 holes. Continue reading for notes and analysis from Friday.

1. Patrick Reed (-4): The organization on Friday – with the pins locked – was not afraid of Reed. He stayed on the attack, attacked the pins aggressively and was rewarded with a nice attitude. The 25 points tied the least between the field in Round 2, and for the second consecutive day, he won hits on the field around the greens. “Hidden pins, you have to attack,” Reed told the Golf Channel after his tour. “The greens, they got fast. Yesterday was soft, benign. It’s like they did it to make it easier for us, then they would show us what it really would be like.”

2. Bryson DeChambeau (-3): It was a day rollercoaster for DeChambeau, who finished with five stretchers, five birdies and an eagle. But overall, it was undoubtedly a purely positive outing as he followed the first lap of 69 with a second lap of 68. He finished second on the pitch with the t-shirt won and remained in control of his driver, hitting 50% of the highways for a second consecutive day. “I felt that many things worked well for me,” he said after the round. “I drove it well. My iron was perfect. When I got into trouble, [I] I could not get out of it like yesterday, but when I was on the track I had the opportunity to attack and take advantage and I finished very well today. “

T3. Justin Thomas, Harris English, Rafa Cabrera Bello (-2): Undoubtedly no golfer today Friday had a more dramatic face than the top nine to the back nine than JT. After breaking the US Open Round of 65 record low on Thursday, he came out on top, with four of his first eight holes. But Thomas ran slowly, starting with a birdie at No. 18 and continuing to the front with a double at No. 1 to play the last eight holes in the bottom 2. None of this was particularly elite-level golf, but that was the type of lap that could derail his chances of conflict – and instead practiced a 3 over 73 to survive another day. England and Cabrera Bello, however, draw for the best lap of this trio by both finishing in the yoke.

T7. Matthew Wolff, Xander Schauffele and three others (E): After hitting two fewer highways (4 out of 14) and two less green in regulation (9 out of 18) from lap 4 under 64, Wolff turned wild in the opposite direction with a 4-over 74 in Round 2. Hitting the Ball well and put well OK but said after the round that he has to clean up the little things to really score and compete in a meaningful way at the weekend. He should have the opportunity to do this just three strokes of the lead. Schauffele, on the other hand, took advantage of the situation before things got dangerous, giving a second lap 72. He finished his last five holes in the top 3, gaining some momentum that he developed throughout the lap.

T12. Jon Rahm and four more (+1): Impressive excursion for Rahm again, setting the conditions to enter the 2 over despite the 5-bogey day. He finished birdie-birdie-bogey to enter the club with a final nine score equal, and for the second day in a row, he was one of the biggest on the pitch from the shirts. The combination of his strength, hitting the ball and the green jersey meets his strength in such an exhausting course, and he will be one of the non-leaders who will be watching Moving Day closely.

T22. Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and four others (+3): McIlroy had everything to work on in Round 1 from tee to green, finishing first in blows he won from tee and in the top 25 of the class with the putter. And while he finished first again in blows won by tee Friday, putter and the short game did not work for him on Friday. Scandinavian pars constantly turned to bogeys, and the easy putts for him on a normal day were a grind in Round 2. He’s not completely out of it, but he has to find the happy middle ground between Thursday and Friday – and do it consistently – – to win the second US Open. Johnson, meanwhile, saved his best job (so far) for Friday, finishing with 70 bouncebacks. He had the putter working and was long and confident in his shirts, pushing him to probably win his third outing in his last four events.

T73. Gary Woodland (+8): The dominant winner of the American Open, a hobby with an injury, followed his first round 74 with another 74 Friday, losing the cut. He explained after the round that he has a torn labrum in his left hip and is ready to see a specialist on Monday because “he just can’t get over the pain.”

T90 Tiger Woods (+10) | T119 Phil Mickelson (+13): Sometimes great stories just don’t stand out, what can we say? In a nostalgic return to the Winged Foot for the game’s oldest keeper, both Woods and Mickelson missed the cut, marking the first time they both lost it at the same US Open after 20 previous events played together. Woods took 2 points in his last, but finished at 7 of the day, while Mickelson – in the second round 74 – could not overcome the first round 79 from Thursday.

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