TWDL resumes active path to mining
Thursday, Dec 06, 2012

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. (OTC:TWDL), a diversified mining company, announced today that they have signed a contract for continuing financing.  This is imperative for the Company to go forward with its mining projects. Although not necessarily inclusive or in the order of priority, following are some of the uses planned for the proceeds:

TWDL, after many years of evaluating their mining projects, plans are moving in favor of commencing  mining towards the Yellow-Jacket 160 acre Placer Project after reviewing the completed Certified Geologist Report done on this property last year, also shared other Geologist report with a neighboring mining claim #29, TWDL Board has approved this project to be the first to start their mining operation, This mining claim has had many analytical studies and has shown significant results of gold reserves as well as other rare earths all of them in high demand based on these studies, to further add value to the corporation  that over the years value on surrounding claims have gone up tremendously, presently asking price for these claims are now in the Ten Million Dollar range.

TWDL is fortunate to own the needed equipment to begin mining gold and precious metals at its Legacy Rock operation. This equipment is currently being used to mine rock and calcium carbonate, Legacy Rock operation is preparing to do all the mining at the Yellow-Jacket Project and has brought down their operations cost with Caterpillar paying down its debt of over  One Million dollars to One Hundred Thousand now owed,  in preparation to start this joint venture with TWDL.

According to previously released analysis reports, highly significant gold and platinum deposits as well as rare earths have been identified and are ready to be mined at the Yellow Jacket site. Significant portions of the test data for the Yellow Jacket Placer Project can be viewed at the Texas Wyoming Drilling website.

Quartz Mountain Project:  It is the decision of management not to pursue further development of this property at this time. This is mainly due to the unexpectedly high start-up costs on this project plus weather limiting mining year round impossible. The immediate goal for TWDL is to channel all available capital into mining, which is its' core business, with the focus on rock, calcium carbonate, gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals at the Yellow-Jacket and Blue Jacket projects.

SOURCE Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc.

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