Robust Resources announces Romang Island Projects exploration drilling recommences
Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012

VANCOUVER, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Robust Resources Limited ('Robust' or 'the Company') is pleased to announce that the Company has made substantial progress on its ongoing exploration and development program at its world-class mineral deposits of oxide gold-silver and polymetallic base and precious metals on Romang Island, Indonesia.

In January 2012, Robust released its maiden JORC code compliant mineral resource estimate, which represents an important platform on which the Company will conduct project development studies for both precious and base metals. The estimate contains 1.18 Moz gold equivalent in JORC Indicated and Inferred categories, including 592,000 ounces gold and 27.7 million ounces silver. Two thirds of the resource is in the Indicated resource category. Base metals within the polymetallic sulphide resource shell total 697 million pounds lead; 678 million pounds zinc; and 95 million pounds copper. The tabulation of the mineral resources is appended.

As important a milestone as this resource estimate is for the Company, it is considered to be but an opening chapter in the book that represents the entire mineral potential of Romang Island. To further unlock that potential, the Company has commenced a large drilling campaign for 2012, using all the financial, human and material assets at its disposal.

2012 Exploration Drilling Programme 
Robust have now commenced a major new exploration drilling programme designed to test fresh targets, as well as follow up extensions to the known mineral deposits. This 20,000-plus metre programme will run for the duration of calendar 2012, utilising eight (building to ten) exploration diamond drill rigs in both north and south Romang Island. Initially, eleven highly prospective Lakuwahi targets will be explored by drilling (the location of the principal prospects is shown Fig 1 overleaf).

This programme includes the drill testing of targets including the previously undrilled Batu Perak (translation: "Silver Rock") prospect. Batu Perak has a clear resistivity geophysical anomaly, which in general at Lakuwahi, correlates well with strong mineralisation. Batu Perak also hosts some of the highest grades of silver in soils so far discovered on the island (up to 33 g/t Ag in soil).

To view 'Figure 1: Romang Island Lakuwahi Project. Mineral deposit and prospect location map,' please visit:

Another exciting target to be drilled is the large the Batu Ular anomaly (translation: "Snake Rock"), which exhibits a structurally controlled resistivity anomaly running over 2 Kilometres sub-parallel to the Batu Mas - Batu Hitam mineralised axis (which hosts the identified mineral resources discovered to date). This anomaly is entirely covered by limestone and thus presents both an exploration challenge and exciting opportunity for discovery. Previous drilling near the western end of the Batu Ular anomaly, to the south of Batu Mas, encountered very encouraging high-grade polymetallic mineralisation. This includes drill hole LWD162, which intersected a 25 metre thick zone of high-grade polymetallic mineralisation:

25m @ 6.96% comb PbZnCu (3.51% Pb, 3.19% Zn, 0.25% Cu, 0.71 g/t Au, 24 g/t Ag) from 13m incl. 
18m @ 9.10% comb PbZnCu (4.57% Pb, 4.20% Zn, 0.33% Cu, 0.86 g/t Au, 32 g/t Ag) from 13m

Another nearby drill hole, LWD175, intersected stronger grades of base and precious metals including silver at 282 g/t over 4 metres:

6m @ 8.48% comb PbZnCu (3.35% Pb, 4.79% Zn, 0.34% Cu, 0.83 g/t Au, 264 g/t Ag) from 22m incl. 
4m @ 12.01% comb PbZnCu (4.70% Pb, 6.84% Zn, 0.48% Cu, 1.09 g/t Au, 282 g/t Ag) from 23m 

The Batu Jagung prospect, located in the northern section of the 6 Km x 4 Km Lakuwahi magnetite destruction zone, had been tested historically by three holes (Billiton, 1999); two of which intersected significant silver and base metal grades. This prospect is characterised by large areas of mineralised outcrop and strong multi-element soil geochemistry; and a large resistivity geophysical anomaly. The silver grades in soils reached as high as 158 g/t.


SOURCE Robust Resources Ltd.

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