NASA astronaut Kate Rubbins just voted from space

NASA astronaut Kate Rubbins just voted from space

Rubins, the only American voter not currently on Earth, said she was able to vote from the International Space Station last week.

This is not the first time Rubins has cast her ballot in space: She voted in 2016 when she is also researching on the space station.

Rubins, along with two Russian cosmonauts, began their mission earlier this month and will spend a total of six months in space as part of the 63/64 Campaign crew. The Rubins will investigate “the use of laser-cooled atoms for future quantum sensors” and will perform cardiovascular experiments from the space station. according to NASA.

How to vote from space

Astronauts registered to vote in Texas have been eligible to vote since 1997, when Texas lawmakers decided they could electronically transmit their ballot from the planet if they were on a space flight during the early voting period. or Election Day, according to Smithsonian National Museum of Aviation and Space. NASA’s Johnson Space Center is located in Houston, so most astronauts are based in the city and have registered to vote in Harris County, where Houston is located.
The voting process in space it works that way, NASA told CNN last month: The Harris County secretary’s office is uploading a secure electronic ballot to NASA ‘s Johnson Space Center. NASA astronauts, using specific credentials, have access to their ballot and vote, which is delivered back to the county secretary’s office.

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