MLB playoff standings, takeaway: The Dodgers remain against Padres. calls swing momentum in the Yankees-Rays

MLB playoff standings, takeaway: The Dodgers remain against Padres. calls swing momentum in the Yankees-Rays

The third day of the league took place with four games – two per league – on Wednesday. The day brought us a pitcher duel, a furious comeback to avoid elimination and lots of fireworks all day.

Here is the scoreboard for the day, as well as the selections from each game.

MLB playoff standings

FINAL: Brave2 Marlin 0 (box score) – Atlanta leads the series 2-0
FINAL: Sport 9, Astros 7 (box score) – Houston leads the series 2-1
FINAL: Rays 8, Yankees 4 (box score) – Tampa Bay leads the series 2-1
FINAL: Dodgers 6, Padres 5 (box score)Los Angeles leads 2-0

The Dodgers remain against Padres

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Diego Panthers in Game 2 of their top five on Wednesday night, putting them one win away from advancing to the National Championship Series for the fourth time in five years. The Dodgers entered the ninth inning with a 6-3 lead and approached Kenley Jansen on the embankment, having received a quality start from Clayton Kershaw, but the Padres did not go quietly.

Instead, Jake Cronenworth reached an infield single and later scored a double Mitch Moreland. Morland himself scored a single by Trent Grisham, cutting Los Angeles’ lead to one and chasing Jansen out of the game. Joe Kelly was called to face Fernando Tati Jr. and he walked with Manny Macando to load the bases.

Kelly was able to pull Eric Hosmer off the ground in second place, maintaining the victory in the process, but it was tough. The Dodgers will now head to Thursday’s game with a chance to hit their ticket to the NLCS. It is unlikely that they will have Jansen at their disposal, which could require more maneuvering in ninth place if they face a situation slowly and closely.

Before the ninth drama, Cody Bellinger did the job everyone will remember: his robbery for a possible home attack by Tatis bat. You can watch and read more about this game by clicking here.

Rays outslug Yankee, take the lead of the series

The story of the playoffs until Tuesday night was that the Yankees beat their opponents, the star stables and everyone, in oblivion with their strong attack. The Bronx Bombers manicure was alive and well. The Rays took a slightly better step in Game 2 and increased their power play even in the series. They followed with a similar drug in Game 3, beating the Yankees 13-7 while hosting the Yankees three times.

Many toy balls to pass through the Tampa Bay beetle (in San Diego), such as:

  • Charlie Morton allowed only two runs (one won) in five inches against this Yankees attack that had 36 runs in 43 hits in the previous four playoff games this year.
  • Randy Arozarena is now 8 for 12 in a row with home in all three games.
  • Kevin Kimmerier and backup catcher Michael Perez from 8-9 points on the beam series in combination with four hits, including one seat for each and six RBIs.

The rays now seem to close the Yankees and avoid seeing them Gerrit Cole in Game 5. If they do, it would mark the second trip to ALCS in franchise history and the first since 2008.

Oh, there are more than Game 3 …

The Yankees are disappointed with the strike zone … again

For the second night in a row, the Yankees were excluded from the strike zone in game 3 of the ALDS match against Tampa. On Tuesday, the Yankees rose unhappy with calls made by CB Bucknor; on Wednesday, their anger turned to Mark Carlson, who made some questionable calls during the third and fourth seasons of Game 3.

The Yankees’s beef with Carlson started when he called a pair of boundary blows to Charlie Morton in a key at-bat against Lucas with the bases loaded:

In the next half, this ball requires a full count from Masahiro Tanaka Willy adames put two runners and rule out a double strike-’em-out, throw-’em-out game:

Kevin Kiermaier then played, giving the beams a 4-1 lead.

Obviously it is easy to analyze a referee’s calls from the couch or the press box, but the context here is important. The Yankees felt they had been wronged on Tuesday, resulting in the loss, so Wednesday seems more like the same. Whether or not a fair assessment depends on the interpretation, but if you accept the hypothesis as valid, then the answer is understandable.

A’s live, a record 5 HRs draw in the playoffs

On Wednesday afternoon, Oakland Athletics kept the 2020 season alive with a 9-7 victory (box score) over the Houston Astros. Astros leads the series of the top five, 2-1. Auckland avoided elimination thanks to the franchise record that tied five at home in Game 3, but took the lead in the eighth period with a sacrifice.

Despite their series deficit, Auckland has set a franchise record for most home series after a season with 10 explosions so far:

  • 10 HR – 2020 ALDS
  • * 9 HR – 1989 World Series vs. Giants
  • 8 HR – 2002 ALDS v twins

The Astros have hit eight homers in a row.

Facing the exclusion, Auckland hung with the Astros in Game 3 thanks to home solo matches from Tommy La Stella, Mark Canha, Matt Olson and Marcus Seeds. All these hostages came from the Astros starter Jose Urquidi, who got the nod in game 3 because Jacques Green is deals with hand pain.

Urquidy finished his night after 4 1/3 inches, where he left four wins and five hits while hitting three and walking one. Left Jesus Lucardo took the win and posted a similar line to Urquidy after giving 4 1/3 inches of work, where he gave up four wins and five hits while hitting two and walking two.

A fifth inning five years from Houston showed that the game could close and this series – their chances of winning were 89.3 percent after this inning – but the A did not go quietly. After the relief of the Astros Josh James Abandoned back-to-back singles in the seventh inning, resigned from the third baseman of A home run three Chad Pinter for a draw in the game, 7-7.

The qualifying run, surprisingly, did not score at home. Auckland ran on the board in the eighth period with a sacrifice. They added an insurance run to another bag fly later in the period.

Houston threatened once again in the eighth period, but left two runners as scorers. Relief Auckland Liam Hendrix I got the hit Josh Reddick swings to a 98.2 mph fastball for the final output. Hendriks was amazing in relieving the 37-pitch, finishing with the following line: 3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 4 K, 0 BB.

In total, Athletics and Astros have combined for 18 home (so far) in this series. That’s 18 homers in just three games. Most home games in a Division series came during the 1995 ALDS between the Yankees and Sailors in which the two clubs took 22 hostages. Most home wins in any individual postseason series are 26. since 2008 ALCS between red socks and rays.

Eleven of A 16 tracks have come through homers. This is not just a trend for this series. In fact, we see the majority of runs in this year’s postseason taking place at home.

D’Arnaud goes deep again for the Braves

The Mets was released Travis d’Arnaud last May and almost immediately became one of the best catchers in baseball. I know it’s a cliché to pick the Mets but good sauce. This is not the case in any other franchise. D’Arnaud hit .263 / .323 / .459 for last year’s rays, then .321 / .386 / .533 for the Braves this year, and then won a huge home trio in his 1st game. NLDS on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, he added another at home. D’Arnaud got it Pablo Lopez deep to give the Braves a 2-0 lead, which was maintained as the final score. In the action material:

Dunsby Swanson hit a home solo earlier in the game to get the Braves on the board. D’Arnaud now has five careers at home after the season – he has two of those series plus three with the Mets 2015 – a draw with Yasani Grandal and Salvador Perez for second place among active fishermen. Only Gary Sanchez (7) has more.

D’Arnaud does more than just beat the ball over the bar. Help the beginner Ian Anderson navigate 5 2/3 excellent and scoreless bets in Game 2. Anderson scored eight Marlins, including four in a six-hit stretch at one point early in the game. He was a god to a group that desperately needed the help of a spin.

The Braves closed the Marlins in game 3 – notes by Sarah Langs the Braves join in 1905 Giants and 1966 Οριώλης as the only teams with three close games in the first four games after the season – to take a 2-0 lead. Historically, teams with a 2-0 lead in the top five win the series more than 91% of the time.

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