'It's going to be intense,' Bash on what's next after RBG's death

Mitch McConnell: “The Senate has more than enough time to process an appointment”

“President Trump’s candidate for this vacancy will receive a vote on the floor of the Senate,” McConnell said in a statement, adding, “The Senate has more than enough time to process a candidacy. History and the past. make it absolutely clear “

McConnell’s remarks underscore the Senate Republicans ‘determination to proceed with the confirmation of a candidate despite Democrats’ calls to wait until the presidential election and inauguration.

McConnell has not yet clarified whether a vote will be held before or after the election as Conservatives push Kentucky Republicans behind the scenes. consider moving to fill the position by November 3rd. GOP aides told CNN over the weekend that the thought is that waiting until the election leaves a lot to be desired: the outcome of the election, for one, and the risk of some moderates deeming it inappropriate to vote for Trump’s running mate. -Duction assembly if lost in November.

In another sign of that determination, Senate Speaker Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, wrote in a letter to his Democratic counterparts, “It is important that we move quickly to process any nomination by President Trump to cover this vacancy. ” surely if the shoe was on the other foot, you would do the same. “

The battle lines are in the process of being arrested in the Senate as the upper house prepares for a controversial battle to confirm the next Supreme Court nominee, while questions are being raised about how quickly Republicans will be able to move with the election.

West Virginia Republican Senator Joe Manchin, the only Democratic Senator to vote in favor of confirmation for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, said in a statement Monday that the Senate should not vote for a candidate before the election.

“For the sake of the integrity of the courts and our legal system, I do not think the US Senate should vote on a candidate for the US Supreme Court before the November 3 election. For Mitch McConnell and my Republican colleagues to speed up. “Even meeting with Judge Merrick Garland in 2016 is hypocrisy in its highest form,” Manchin said in a statement, referring to the nominee then-President Barack Obama in 2016 following the death of Judge Antonin Scalia. .

Trump has not yet nominated a candidate, but said Monday he intends to do so by the end of the week, saying it is likely to happen either on Friday or Saturday.

Ginsburg’s body will be at rest in the Supreme Court on Wednesday and Thursday so that members of the public can be respected, the court announced on Monday.

Ginsburg’s body will then be in the state at the National Statue Hall in the US Capitol on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Monday. The private cemetery will be held next week at Arlington National Cemetery.

McConnell paid tribute to the spokesman in a statement Monday, saying “our nation mourns the end of a great American life.” She called Ginsburg “a brilliant legal mindset of generations that climbed one hurdle after another to reach the top of her profession.”

CNN’s Ariane de Vogue, Phil Mattingly, Lauren Fox and Manu Raju contributed to this report.

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