Microsoft launches Xbox Design Lab on October 14 before you start unrolling your X Series

Microsoft launches Xbox Design Lab on October 14 before you start unrolling your X Series

If you plan to design your own Xbox controller before the Xbox Series X and S are released on November 10, you may want to act fast. Microsoft temporarily closes Xbox Design Lab on October 14.

Announced in 2016, it brings the Xbox Design Lab a lot of flexibility and personality on the Xbox One controller. For $ 80, you have access to more than 40 different color options for different parts of the controller, adding a total of over a million different combinations.

A few years ago, I designed one for a close friend and I was amazed at how much adjustment I could make. I did not feel that I was creating another color variation, but a really unique personalized product. My friend liked it, he told me that they thought I bought a rare controller online.

But from October 14 until 2021, Microsoft says the service will be “temporarily offline so we can bring you some updates”. The company did not say why or when the service will return to the Internet in 2021, but it is possible that Microsoft is preparing to expand the service to include customization options for the new Xbox controller.

in contrast with PS5 DualSense controller, moving away from the design of the DualShock series in terms of design and color combination, the new Xbox Series X and S controller features a fairly familiar design. Microsoft says that “the size and shape of the controller has been refined to accommodate an even wider range of people”, which makes it slightly smaller than its predecessor. The new Xbox controller also includes a redesigned D-Pad and a dedicated sharing button.

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