Workers in personal protective equipment are seen, along side police patrols, on July 7, in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne is back under lock and key as cases of viruses increase

Employees with personal protective equipment appear along police patrols on July 7 in Melbourne, Australia. Daniel Pockett / Getty Images

The Australian city of Melbourne will return to stage 3 lock for six weeks as it struggles with a spike in corona cases, Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrew announced today.

The lock will start at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday local time.

People will only be allowed to leave their homes to buy food, go to work, receive or care for and exercise, Andrews said.

Elsewhere in Victoria, the area of ​​Mitchell Seir will also be locked for six weeks.

Businesses like reopened restaurants will be forced to close again, the prime minister said.

“We know we’re on the verge of something very bad if we don’t get over it,” Andrews said. “But the alternative is to pretend that it’s over, as I think some Victorians have done.”

Casing towers: As of Saturday, 3,000 residents in nine public housing towers in Melbourne are under “hard lock”, meaning they can’t leave at all. All residents are being tested now, with meals and other government-provided needs.

With Melbourne under lock and key, Stage 3 – softer restrictions than the “hard lock” – residents of the towers will have the right to go out for basic activities.

Earlier today, Victoria’s health department said it had recorded 191 new cases on Monday – the highest daily jump so far.

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