Le'Veon Bell landing points and fits better

Le’Veon Bell landing points and fits better

Then he allegedly tries to trade Le’Veon Bell, the New York Jets abandoned their over-acquired tour and released him on Tuesday night. The Jets are still on the hook to pay Bell a $ 2.5 million bonus on Thursday and the expected balance of his basic salary, which amounts to $ 6 million. Any team that acquires him can do so for the minimum championship.

Honestly, whichever team signs Bell will not have a significant deal on paper. The last time he was an effective player was in 2017, when he approached 2,000 yards from scrimmage. He sat all 2018 in a contract dispute and then did nothing in his time with the Jets after signing in 2019. Since the beginning of last season, Bell has averaged 3.2 yards per transfer, which ranks 48th out of 49 backs. As a receiver, he averages less than 7 yards per slot, which is 125th out of 132 players. It was worse than a back replacement level.

Of course, any team that acquires Bell will hope to find new life away from the Jets and coach Adam Gase. However, from the NFL Next Gen Stats, Bell’s problems were not strictly the product of an intermediate offensive line. Since the beginning of last season, he has created 110 yards below expectations, given his exclusion, the fourth worst sign in the league back Devon Freeman, Peyton Barber and Todd Gurley. Freeman, Gurley and Bell signed all the lucrative contract extensions, and each was cut short after his disappointment while in these deals.

Bell will find interest somewhere, both as a restoration project and because of its flexibility. Which groups might be interested? Let’s look at the possible candidates, starting with the most reasonable suitors:

Possible destinations for Le’Veon Bell

I will start with the Bears, who are more obvious to me. Matt Nagy’s team is 4-1, and while you can drill holes in Chicago CV, ESPN football power index gives bears a 55.8% chance of reaching the postseason. They also have a maximum of $ 10 million, so adding a small salary to their roster will not be a problem.

Bell would be a replacement Tariq Cohen, which crashed with a torn ACL in late September. David Montgomery is on the roster and would still be the feature back, but the third round of 2019 did not look good as the champion, failed to reach the 30 yards in a hurry or take in each of the last two games. Chicago has used Cordarrelle Patterson as a change of pace, but Bell would come in right away and play Cohen in the attack, something that should be something on the road eight to 10 touches per game.

The leaders are another team with a new back that may want Bell as a second choice. Rookie first round selection Clyde Edwards-Helaire had some impressive moments during his first five weeks, but has struggled in the red zone, failing to score once in seven touches in the 5-yard line. I’m willing to record it in a small sample, but the backs behind Edwards-Heller are impressive. Darrell Williams has an average of 3.2 yards per transport and less than 6 yards per slot, and Darwin Thompson he lost a sense in one of his six touches. Coach Andy Reid is the screen whisper and I suspect the bosses could find a way to incorporate Bell into their attack alongside Edwards-Helaire.

No team seems to care more about the veterans’ pension running behind the Bucs, who have not yet really found an effective receiver for Tom Brady. Ronald Jones he was stable as a runner, but had serious problems with falls in last year’s game. Leonard Fournette it is not healthy. LeSean McCoy has not been effective in any aspect of the game and has an ankle injury. Bell would probably take McCoy’s place on the roster.

Brady has always had this player in New England in a role that was alternately filled by Kevin Faulk, Shane Vereen and most recently James White. It’s hard to imagine the Buccaneers signing else back, but strictly as a protector and receiver, Bell would give the Bucs something they do not have.

The best story of the match would see Bell return to the Steelers, but I am skeptical that there is a good fit. James Conner is averaging almost 5 yards per transfer as a Pittsburgh starter and while he has problems with his injury, Benny Snell Jr. was effective in what amounted to a starting point against the Giants when Conner was not available. The Steelers also have Anthony McFarland Jr. in reserve and Jalen Samuels in the role of a third down.

Bell would probably be an upgrade for Samuel and a viable backstage behind an effective Pittsburgh attacking line, but I’m not sure he’ll get the kind of touches he would like in his quest to re-emerge as a free-kick option. in 2021. In addition, things did not end well between the two parties, as Bell stayed for a season before leaving Pittsburgh as a free agent. Familiarity means something, and that’s why the Steelers are on the list, but Bell makes more sense elsewhere.

The Browns start with 4-1 and have one of the best attacks in football. Coach Bill Callahan’s line is clear Kareem Hunt and Nick Chub, but Chubb comes out indefinitely with a MCL sprain. Bell is much more like Hunt than the former Georgia star, but Bell was an effective runner-up in Pittsburgh, and there is nothing wrong with having two backs that can catch the ball.

Bell would come in for D’Ernest Johnson, who has an average of 6 yards a pop at 22 carrying Chubb. I’m not sure Bell would be excited about a situation in which he could retire from attack once Chubb returns, but his best chance of looking good on a small sample can play into this big game.

One team that was associated with Bell when approaching the free company were the 49ers, who can never have enough weapons for coach Kyle Shanahan. San Francisco is hitting around its roster, and even though it has Raheem Mostert back for Sunday’s outbursts at Delfinia, almost every one of his backs has a recent and / or significant history of injuries.

I wonder if the 49ers could be very creative with Bell and use him less as a clean-up run and more as a kind of hybrid back, Gase pretends to suggest Bell could be in New York. Shanahan loves nothing more than having offensive weapons that pose a threat to both runners and receivers with the ball in their hands. Bell would be another one of those pieces.

The Titans went 4-0 with Tuesday’s win over the Bills, and have a star behind Derrick Henry, but is a little behind the fast-paced leader of 2019. Henry has gained plenty of volume in his first four games, but averaged just 3.9 yards per transfer and has never been a good receiver. Bell would take part of Henry’s workload and give the Titans a third-down option. Jeremy McNichols is currently in this role for Ryan Tanhill & Co.

Few teams throw the ball more often this season than the Seahawks, who have said goodbye to 5-0. Seattle would probably prefer to make some additions to a defensive line, and it has Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde in his rotation, but Carson has never completed a full season of 16 games and Hyde did not act with a shoulder injury.

Travis Homer took more than 40% of the offensive moments during Sunday night’s victory over the Vikings. While the Seahawks have both Homer and the fourth round De Jay Dallas as possible options, Bell would be the best pick on the Seattle roster if he signed there.

The Dolphins backfield has not performed as expected this season. Guaranteed Miami Jordan Howard nearly $ 5 million, but the former Chicago starter produced just 14 yards in 18 transfers before scratching for the 49ers victory. Matt BreidaThe 27 wagons have produced a total of 100 yards, but the main back was the seventh round of 2019 Myles Gaskin, who has 87 touches through five games, while taking 66% of the offensive snapshots.

Gaskin flexibility is an asset and ranks ninth Success rate, but the lack of explosiveness left him below average in both momentum and DVOA reception. I’m not sure the Dolphins are ready to give up their starter or any of their off-season additions, but Bell could be upgraded if it is.

Finally, the Cardinals must be disappointed with what they have seen Kenya Drake. The return-labeled return marked its first touchdown last week, but averages just 3.7 yards per touch, both as a runner and receiver. Chase Edmonds looked like the most dynamic player in the Arizona backfield and while Drake was the first round in most fantasy designs, the former Dolphin standout may be in danger of losing traction in his original job.

The cards could go ahead with a combination of Drake and Edmonds, but remember they traded for Drake a year ago while they had Edmonds and David Johnson on their roster. Both Edmonds and Johnson were injured at the time, so while it would probably take at least one Cardinal injury to get Bell on the roster, coach Cliff Kingsbury could find a role for Rigid Bell if that happens.

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