Last stimulus deal: Pelosi's call raises doubts about deal

Last stimulus deal: Pelosi’s call raises doubts about deal

The California Democrat specifically cited tax disputes as the reason for its current views, but made it clear that the broader negotiations are nowhere near a positive resolution, people said.

Pelosi criticizes Republicans during months of stimulus talks – that the Trump administration is simply unwilling to do what is necessary on the budget to address the depth of the pandemic’s economic woes .

Republicans say it is now up to Pelosi to offset the $ 1.6 trillion proposal submitted by Mnutsin on Wednesday, which is hundreds of billions of dollars out of the $ 2.2 trillion plan that could be voted on by Democrats. no later than Thursday.

Meanwhile, both the leaders of the White House and the Democrats in this House are fighting with internal parties on how to proceed with the stimulus talks.

For months, moderate Democrats in the House have been pushing their leadership to return to the table and reach an agreement with the White House on stimulus rather than move on to another Democrat-only package. Many well-known sources tell CNN that, as of today, about a dozen members of the House could vote against the revised act of the Democratic HEROES if it comes to the ground later Thursday.

Fourteen Democratic members voted against the original HEROES law in the spring, arguing that no plan will be signed by the President. House leaders are confident they will still have the vote, but tensions are running high because Democratic leaders wanted to hold talks between Pelosi and Mnuchin one more day to materialize.

These talks are far from reaching an agreement.

On the Senate side, GOP lawmakers are growing uncomfortably with reports that Mnuchin is reaching more than $ 1.5 trillion in his bid for Pelosi. Many GOP senators told CNN that the number could be a major issue, forcing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to finally decide whether he is willing to put a bill on the floor that loses a large number of members.

“Anything over $ 1 trillion would be difficult,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and an Iowa Republican. “There is a real deterrent among Republicans to get over $ 1 trillion and even $ 1 trillion is really difficult.”

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