John Bolton's forthcoming book provokes an angry reaction from President Trump

John Bolton’s forthcoming book provokes an angry reaction from President Trump

President Trump has threatened writers and publishers in the past – but this time the stakes are higher, with John Bolton issuing a conviction for his time at Trump’s White House, and Trump has decided to stop him.
Trump made several inquiries on Monday showing how angry he is “The room where it happened” coming out in a week. “If he wrote a book and the book came out, he was breaking the law,” Trump said. “I think he would have criminal problems. I hope so.”

From the point of view of First Amendment, it will be a much bigger problem if the book does not come out. American politicians cannot veto flattering volumes – everyone knows that. But for Trump, the first amendment is always to put his interests first. So he may try to block the circulation of the book.

Trump was unconnected when asked about the possibility of a lawsuit – he said “they are in court or will be in court soon” for the book. This is a situation “I will believe it when I see it”, given the story of Team Trump who threatens to sue but will not follow.

Trump’s shocking statements

With my parentheses in parentheses:

“Someone said he came out and wrote a book.” (The book was announced to the world months ago and is already a best-seller based on pre-order sales.) “If he wrote a book” (he did) “I can’t imagine he could” (he did) “because they are very graded information.” (This is in question – see below.) “Even conversations with me are very classified …” I would consider any conversation with me as president very classified. “(What ;!)

Bill Barr’s argument

Both Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr seemed uncomfortable when asked about it during a WH event. When Trump called on Bar to comment, AG said that elements such as Bolton “need to go through a liquidation process” regarding the graded information and “we do not believe that Bolton went through this process, he has not completed this process and therefore it is in breach of this agreement. ā€¯Bolton’s camp disputes this. Just look at the schedule: The book was delayed for months due to the audit process.

Previous restriction !?

Jameel Jaffer, executive director of the Cologne Institute’s First Amendment Institute in Columbia U, said Monday: “For good reason, U.S. courts almost never issue prior restrictions on the publication of issues that concern the public. always wiped very wide. The government’s request in this case is particularly troubling in the context of credible reports that the real concern of the White House here is not the safeguarding of national security secrets but the suppression of the president’s criticism. It is highly doubtful that the government can meet the extremely high level that must be observed in order to justify an order against the publication. “

There are also practical factors. Copies of “The Room Where It Happened” have already been printed and shipped to distribution sites. Journalists at ABC News have already read the book as Martha Radats sat down with Bolton on Monday for an interview that will air on Sunday night at a special time. Other journalists are likely to receive the book in the coming days. So if the administrator of Trump or the Trump campaign tries to sue to prevent the book from being published, the suit could be disputed …

What is Trump afraid of in this book?

Well, according to the book’s summary, “There have been violations similar to Trump’s Ukraine across the spectrum of his foreign policy – and Bolton is documenting exactly what he and others in the administration were trying to raise concerns about.” . “

BTW, the Attorney General is wrong about this:

On Monday, Barr told reporters “this is unprecedented, really. I don’t know of any book that has been published so quickly, while, you know, the officials are still in government and these are current events …

This is completely untrue. Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton and Bob Gates published all the books on current national security issues after leaving the Obama administration, and their accounts were not entirely flattering, although their books were published while Obama was still at the office. And during Bush’s administration, former White House press secretary Scott McClellan wrote a flattering book while Bush was still in office.

Simon & Schuster in the foreground

Bolton’s book is one of the various titles related to Trump by the publisher …

– On Monday, S&S confirmed the Daily Beast’s ladle for an upcoming book by Mary Trump. It will be released on July 28, with “painful” revelations …
– On Monday night, the full title of the book was revealed through an Amazon list. It’s called “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man in the World.” Read the description here …
– On Tuesday, the news of Mary Jordan Book for Melania Trump, “The Art of her Agreement” hits stores and online readers …
– Don’t think that the publishing house only points in one direction, but also publishes Sean Hannity’s “LIVE FREE or die,” comes out on August 4 …
– Full disclosure: S&S is also published my book “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth”, comes out on August 25 …

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