Joe Scarborough, shouting in the air, says Mark Zuckerberg to earn billions by "promoting extremism"

Joe Scarborough, shouting in the air, says Mark Zuckerberg to earn billions by “promoting extremism”

In almost seven minutes of monologue on his show on Wednesday, he once shouted, MSNBC host “Morning Joe” said Facebook’s CEO was a threat to democracy.

Social media, including Facebook (FB), has long been a home for conspiracy theories and hate groups. Recently, a particularly inflammatory speech promoted by President Donald Trump and others provoked a national outcry over the role of social media in our society.

“You look at this site where there is a right-wing extremist group that is literally targeting men and women who are devoting their lives to protecting American citizens,” Scarborough said. “And of course they’re hatching conspiracy theories by giving Mark Zuckerberg money, going to Facebook. Now that’s pretty bad, right? But Mark Zuckerberg is promoting extremism because Mark Zuckerberg is actually – his website, Zuckerberg’s website – it’s actually creating promotional ads that really push people to extremist sites that kill federal officers. “

The Tech Transparency Project, a research initiative of a non-profit monitoring group called Campaign for Accountability, published a report this spring Concluding that more than 60% of the 125 recognizable Boogaloo teams on Facebook jumped out in January and took off after the launch of the Covid-19 locks. In April, a Boogaloo fan was arrested in Texas for allegedly trying to find and kill police officers during a Facebook Live recording, according to the Poverty Law Act.
Scarborough echoed a point that Facebook critics have been making for some time: Facebook makes money when people interact with its platform, regardless of whether or not, as Scarborough argues, many Facebook posts are false. inflammatory, misleading or deliberate misinformation.
Zuckerberg said last week that he was “disgusted” by Trump’s comments on nationwide protests against racial injustice. He said Trump’s Facebook posts were divisive rhetoric, but declined to comment on the site because Facebook wanted to keep people informed of their politicians’ views. However, Facebook tried to keep the hate speech out of its platform – whether it came from politicians or not.

“Extremist groups and demagogic, authoritarian politicians around the world are now using these sites to promote hatred, kill federal officials and undermine American democracy,” Scarborough said. “These people are becoming billionaires, and for Mark Zuckerberg to say he’s sad because he’s making billions of dollars for lies spread by hate groups sprouting on Zuckerberg’s website and [Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl] Sandberg’s website is so silly. “

Scarborough called on politicians to take action to be held accountable on Facebook, announcing his support for a possible Trump administration proposal that, according to Wall Street Journal, would remove social media companies from certain protections granted by Congress in Article 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. This law prevents Internet companies from being held accountable for the actions of individuals engaged in their platforms.
Trump threatens to remove protection units 230 for what he sees as anti-conservative prejudice on social media. Twitter (TWTR) said some of Trump’s tweets about voting by mail and about the protests violated their policies, angering the president.
However, Scarborough argued that the repeal of Section 230 would oblige Facebook and its leaders to be held accountable for hate speech and other activities, including Trump’s ability to repeatedly imply on social media that Scarborough was responsible for the death of one. former employee.

“If Congress does not do anything to hold Mark Zuckerberg accountable and to make Mark Zuckerberg’s website responsible for the hatred and lies and slander spread on his website, then American democracy will remain in jeopardy,” he said. Scarborough. “Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are only interested in protecting their billions. So when you find out that a federal officer is cut off from an extreme right-wing extremist group and it’s Mark Zuckerberg whose platform is promoting this group by pushing people into this then his words don’t make sense. “

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

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