Joe Biden will be tested more often and will continue his personal campaign

Joe Biden will be tested more often and will continue his personal campaign

The Democratic nominee will take a test every time he travels, said a source familiar with the Democratic nominee’s tests.

The campaign told him on Saturday that he would reveal the results of every test Biden does.

“We have followed strict and extensive safety practices recommended by public health professionals and physicians throughout our campaigns – including social distances, mask and additional safeguards,” campaign spokeswoman Andrew Bates said in a statement. “Vice President Biden is being tested regularly and we will publish the results of each test.”

In early September, Deputy Campaign Director Kate Bedingfield told reporters in a telephone statement that Biden was being tested on a weekly basis, but that has increased as his travels have increased in recent weeks. The former vice president recently announced that he tested negative for coronavirus on Friday, a few hours later Trump announced his own diagnosis – and a few days after the two had a joint conversation about the presidential debate.

After attending a mass rally in Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday, Biden told reporters he would be tested for coronavirus again Sunday morning, two days after his trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Biden and Trump pedestals were placed 12 feet and 8 inches apart during Tuesday night’s debate, according to a source familiar with the debate.

There has been no contact from Trump or the White House campaign to alert the Biden campaign to a possible report, said a senior Biden campaign official who was with the former vice president at the discussion. The official said Biden’s campaign believed there was little danger because “we were never close to them”.

Campaign assistants believe that in recent months, they have developed an effective recipe for a safe campaign, including mask, social distance and smaller events, and intend to continue with these practices.

Biden and his wife Jill are due to travel to South Florida on Monday. On Thursday, Biden will visit Arizona, his first visit to the state of war, with his partner Kamala Harris.

On Friday, Biden traveled as scheduled for Grand Rapids after receiving a negative Korana virus test. While proceeding with his scheduled remarks on the economy, he canceled a personal event.

During remarks Friday, he said Trump’s positive coronavirus test was a “reminder” of the severity of the pandemic.

“We have to take this virus seriously. It will not go away on its own,” Biden said. “We have to do our part to be responsible. That means watching science, listening to experts, washing our hands, social exclusion. It means wearing a mask in public. It means encouraging others to do it. also.”

A campaign official said recent developments regarding the Koran were reinforcing because it is a central issue in this campaign.

“This is who the Americans trust to control the virus and protect them and how to restart the country,” the official said.

The official reiterated that if Biden ever tested positive for coronavirus, the campaign would make that information public.

Biden’s campaign drew negative publicity on Friday, following positive messages following Trump’s test, a campaign aide said.

The aide said the decision to shoot negative ads was made before the White House announced Friday afternoon that Trump would be going to Walter Reed Medical Center for a few days.

In response to Biden’s campaign decision to draw negative publicity, Tim Murtaugh’s spokesman told CNN that Trump’s campaign would not make such a move.

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