Is Khabib Nurmagomedov's rapid rise to UFC 254 the latest UFC controversy?

Is Khabib Nurmagomedov’s rapid rise to UFC 254 the latest UFC controversy?

In the UFC 254 official levels, Khabib Nurmagomedov he seemed nervous.

He was the first man on Friday morning, but the UFC lightweight king took his time to walk up the ladder, apparently slightly agitated as he asked for a towel to cover him so he could remove the excess of his clothes. He returned gently and then brought his hands to his face in relief as he received the clear signal for Saturday’s main event.

155. Championship weight. Nothing to worry about.

Or was he there ???

Strong internet officials pointed out that the weight control official was quick to remove Nurmagomedov from the scale, even when it appeared that the scale bar seemed to be tilting upwards, indicating that something might have been wrong. It should be noted that Nurmagomedov was not the only fighter who had his weight measured at such a speed.

Officially, Nurmagomedov made the sign for the title match against Justin gaethje, but that did not stop the preparation of the online discussion, which included some of his peers commenting on Nurmagomedov ‘s alleged loss, protocol and overall behavior.

While we wait to see if anyone from Gaethje’s team expresses their concerns about the issue, we will let the reader decide if there was anything wonderful about Nurmagomedov’s weight.


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Nurmagomedov’s intensity on the scale brought to mind the UFC controversies, some of which also had league shares. Let’s take a look back and see how some of the biggest names in the UFC may have played the system in the past.

Perhaps the first example that comes to mind when discussing controversy, Daniel Cormier everyone was fooled in front of UFC 210 with a last second weight cut that was truly mysterious.

Proceeding in his second fight against Anthony JohnsonKormir was initially charged with light weight in the 1.2 kg heavyweight championship defense. The effects of weight loss in this situation would be disastrous for Cormier who would probably not be eligible to retain his title even with a win. He was given the opportunity to weigh again and no more than three minutes later, he returned to the scale and gained weight.

Unbelievable, right?

Of course, in the video above, Cormier can clearly see that he is holding on to the towel controlled by the scales, an old school wrestling trick that allows a competitor to change his weight enough to pass the test. I would estimate that about 1.2 pounds were transferred, give or take.

Then, Cormier he said that:

“It was crazy, I weighed upstairs and I was like ‘Man I’m okay, I’ll do this. It was harder than normal, but we imagined we did, the scale weighs differently. “

He added that he was just holding the towel so as not to be exposed and refused to make any attempt to manipulate the scale. The next night, Cormier recorded his second consecutive UFC light heavyweight title, defeating Johnson in the second round.

While talking about towel tricks, honorable mention Hakem Daodu who appeared to be using a similar move in UFC 240 to gain weight for a featherweight season with Yosinori Hori.

There are layers in it.

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and Strikeforce linear welterweight champion Nick Diaz were already a proverbial combination of oil and water before finally arriving in Montreal for UFC 158. St-Pierre, the genuine and always-professional French-Canadian, had little audience with Diaz’s Stockton’s fearless, sunny style.

The two fit in the past at UFC 137, but Carlos Condit took the place of Diaz when Dana White decided to punish the plumber Diaz for neglecting his duties in the media (St-Pierre would later face Condit in UFC 154). Still, there was no stopping this long-awaited duel from happening and they finally met in March 2013, with St-Pierre sweeping the score cards to successfully defend the UFC title for the eighth time in a row.

Their beef did not end there. Shortly afterwards, controversy arose when it was suggested that St-Pierre was actually a few ounces for the 170kg championship limit. According to the Quebec committee, it is a rule that they ignore decimals when calculating weights.

Here is how the then president of the UFC, Michael Mersch explained the situation in Diaz’s team:

“Here, they will allow you and Georges to have an extra hour. In case someone does not succeed. But the good news is that they do not calculate the decimal. If you are 170.2 it is 170. If it is 170.9. is 170. “

This explanation obviously does not fit well with Diaz, who said Chael Sonnen in a 2015 interview that he believes St-Pierre really came in at 3 pounds and that St-Pierre was on steroids for their fight.

Years later, St-Pierre shocking admit to all of the above, as well as Diaz poisoning and taking alien gamma rays to boost his power for league collision.

This is not a secret Kelvin Gastelum had struggled to make the welterweight limit in the past, but after returning to lightweight pounds in 2016 it appeared that the Ultimate Fighter 17 The champion had settled his issues on the scale.

However, these old problems brought their ugly heads back to the scales for UFC 244. With a major co-main event fight Darren Till in front of him, Gastelum could not take any chances and asked for the towel before weighing himself. His trusted coach Rafael Cordiro was next to him to provide moral support and let’s see, Gastelm not only gained weight, he came to 184, two pounds below the average weight limit without a title.

Kelvin Gastelum at the official yoke for UFC 244 in New York on November 1, 2019
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Upon closer inspection, it appears that Cordeiro may have been theirs for more than just moral support. Gastelm and Corneiro were later accused of cheating on the weigh-in, with observers pointing out that Gastelm appeared to be carefully resting his elbow on his coach’s shoulder.

New York State Sports Commission finds no evidence of felony and Cordiro it was unbelievable in the categories for disorder.

“People are falling,” Cordiro said. “I went there to check his weight. How do I lift two kilos with my chest? They are crazy. They are offended. It’s a drama to sell the fight. There is no chance. There is no chance.

“There were two officials of sports committees there, I was in front of the whole world … This is impossible. It does not even cross my mind to try to break the law. The child gained weight, less than two kilos. He did his job. He was the last, he sweated, he ran like a maniac, he worked hard and did the job. Everyone has a mouth and can say whatever they want. “

On the night of the battle, Till won a close decision for Gastelum, so things worked out for Till, even if the fight probably became official by miserable means.

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