Indiana Hoosiers captured No. 8 Penn State Nittany Lions with a wild finish

Indiana Hoosiers captured No. 8 Penn State Nittany Lions with a wild finish

Indiana scored its first victory in a top 10 opponent in 33 years, letting his opponent score.

By 21-20 in less than two minutes, No. 8 Penn State forced a turnover in shallow Indiana territory, and with the Hoosiers falling within a time limit, the Nittany Lions could have consumed the largest or the whole clock. But Devin Ford ran intact to the finish line and, realizing his mistake a second too late, fell for a touchdown and a 28-20 lead.

Indiana then drove 75 yards, scoring 22 seconds to the left and turning the 2-point effort into Michael Penix Jr. run.

Indiana coach Tom Allen acknowledged that the Hoosiers wanted Ford to score.

“We have a message for our defense to let the opposing team score,” he said. “That’s how we made this phone call. I was surprised. I hope it doesn’t go down to the 1-yard line.”

Penn State coach James Franklin said the plan was to stop near the finish line.

“It simply came to our notice then [in practice], “he said,” and we went from this situation to the margins, and obviously we could handle it better. What we wanted to do was get as much as you can and get off. “

The engagement guide was the longest of the Hoosiers day. Penix’s 10 attempts before the unit resulted in a single completion and two bags.

“It gives you tremendous confidence when you come back like we did,” Allen said. “Just think of the whole sequence of events that happened there at the end of the fourth quarter. Ever since I was here, we have found ways to lose these types of games. In this game, we have found a way to win. That is why it is so powerful to you have such a finish and just find a way to win. “

Before the game could go to overtime, however, Penn State had offered a rescue, recovering from a failed kick attempt at IU 49. The Nittany Lions quickly gained 8 yards, but Jordan StoutThe effort of the 57 yard yards arrived very soon. In overtime, Penn State scored with a 9-yard pass from Sean Clifford to Parker Washington, and Indiana responded with a 9-yarder from Penix at Oops Filir.

Allen then chose to end the game with a 2-point conversion attempt. Phoenix fell to his left and jumped to the pillar of the final zone. It was called a successful conversion on the field. In the replay, it appeared that the ball hit out of bounds before it reached the post, but it was not convincing if the ball first crossed the level of the goal line. After further verification, the call was stopped.

The fact that the game was almost non-existent is due to an occasional Hoosiers team taking advantage of Penn State uncharacteristic mistakes. The Nittany Lions lost three turnovers in the first half and conceded 10 penalties, and kicker Jake Pinegar lost two goals on the field after losing only one in 2019. Penn State surpassed Indiana at 488 meters at 211, but the Hoosiers made far fewer catastrophic mistakes.

“They played well and we didn’t,” Franklin said. “It’s not a good combination.”

It was a great combination for the Hoosiers, who had not beaten a top-10 team since October 10, 1987, against Ohio State. The Hoosiers are approaching the last few years, losing by one touchdown or less to such a team four times in the last five years.

“A game to win,” Allen said of the two-point conversion effort. “We were close and I am sick and tired of being close. I just decided, “Let’s go.”

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