Congress MLA Kunal Choudhary, wearing personal protective equipment, casts his vote for Rajya Sabha Council of States elections in Bhopal, India on June 19.

India exceeds 400,000 to 15,000 new Covid-19 cases

US President Donald Trump is speaking during a campaign in Talca, Oklahoma, on Saturday, June 20. Sue Ogrocki / AP

In a shocking admission during the Oklahoma Talca protest on Saturday night, President Donald Trump said he had told officials to slow down corona tests due to the growing number of cases in the United States.

“You know, testing is a double-edged sword,” Trump said, protesting media coverage of the virus.

“This is the wrong place,” he said. “When you do tests like this, you’ll find more people. You’ll find more cases. So I told my people, please test slowly.”

Nearly 120,000 people have died in the United States from coronavirus, and medical experts say the tests are vital to identifying cases, detecting them and stopping the spread of the virus.

After Trump commented on the tests, an administration official told CNN that the president was “obviously joking” when he said he had asked for a delay.

A racist term: Elsewhere during the race, Trump said the Covent 19 had more names than any other disease.

“I can call it Kung Flu,” he said, using the term racism. “I can name 19 different versions of them.”

Trump had previously cited Covid-19 as a “virus of China.”

When he was pressured to use the term in March, he said: “Because he comes from China. It’s not racist at all, no, not at all. It comes from China, that’s why. I want to be precise. “

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