India coronavirus: The nation is opening one of the largest hospitals in the world

India coronavirus: The nation is opening one of the largest hospitals in the world

The Sardar Patel COVID Care Center, the largest facility of its kind in India, was partially operational on Sunday, with 2,000 of its 10,000 beds, according to the Delhi government.

The remaining 8,000 beds in the facility, located in the Chattarpur area Delhi, will be used from Wednesday.

Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah and Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the care center on Saturday before it began.

In a message posted on Twitter that day, Kejriwal described the center as “one of the largest hospitals in the world.”

Meanwhile, the interior minister wrote on Twitter that the installation of 10,000 beds “would be of great relief to the people of Delhi.”

The facility’s management and operations will be led by the Indo-Tiberan Border Police (ITBP), Shah confirmed.

“I applaud our courageous ITBP staff, who would use this COVID Care facility in these difficult times. Their commitment to serving the nation and the people of Delhi is unparalleled,” he added in a tweet.

The opening of the hospital coincided with the announcement of the data of the Ministry of Health of India on Sunday, which showed the largest increase in the daily number of new Covid-19 cases.

The country reported 19,906 new infections and 410 new deaths from the virus, increasing the total to 528,859 positive cases and 16,095 deaths.

Delhi became the worst city in the country on Wednesday, surpassing the number of Koranic bombs in Bombay. Only the state of Maharashtra in West India with 159,133 cases had more infections than the capital.

CNN’s Vedika Sud contributed to this report

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