Here are the American sectors to which jobs are returning

Here are the American sectors to which jobs are returning

From retail to restaurants across America, people are returning to their old jobs or finding new ones. Here are the professions that reported the most profits:

Restaurants and bars added about 1.4 million jobs in May as they reopened across the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While restaurants and bars were classified by states as key businesses that could only operate upon receipt and delivery, many more were closed during home orders. Some companies found it difficult, or financially impossible, to adopt this model or had other public health concerns.


A construction worker takes care of the traffic as a new tower is built.

Another industry that made a profit was the construction sector, where the number of jobs increased by 464,000 in May, gaining almost half of what it lost in April. Construction activity is part of the first phase of the opening and many projects continue to operate.

Retail employees

The social distance points are noted on the floor inside the Aviator Nation clothing store.
In retail, 367,800 jobs returned, with clothing stores seeing the biggest gains. Gap announced in May that it would reopen 800 stores, including Old Navy, Gap (GPS), Banana Stores Republic and Athleta.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said this week that the company has hired more than 300,000 associates in the U.S. since March, most of whom were temporarily employed to help “alleviate some of the burden they face” today. in stores and give those who lost jobs more opportunities.

Factory workers

The surgical masks are made of polypropylene fabric from spunbond.

The factory work has also returned, as they are in the first phase of opening. The manufacturing industry added 225,000 jobs.

This is good news for an industry that saw its biggest drop in production since March 1946. Cars, aircraft and other factories stopped working to keep workers safe from the pandemic.


Dentist Dr. Kathleen Saturay wears extra protective equipment, including a face shield and disposable mask over a respirator, as she works with a patient in Seattle.

While hospitals and other basic medical services remained open, dentists closed their offices, seeing only patients in urgent need of care.

Recruitment rose sharply in May, boosted by the reopening of dental offices, which added 244,800 jobs.

“This news is certainly encouraging for the economy and the dental industry, but it is also important that patients return confidently to their clinician and understand the relationship between good oral health and general body health,” said Pat Bauer. president and CEO of Heartland Dental, which supports more than 1,000 dental practices in the United States. The company estimates that these dental offices have added nearly 6,000 jobs, all employees returning from furloughs.

Delivery and laundry workers

A person delivering Postmates stands outside a Shake Shack in Washington, D.C.
Meanwhile, personal and laundry services added 182,300 jobs. This category includes any food delivery workers who are classified as employees but do not count contractors, such as teammates Postmates and Uber Eats or some Amazon drivers. The washing machine is considered a necessary business and some that have been carefully closed have now been reopened.


A caretaker walks through Brookfield Plaza, a shopping mall in Manhattan's Economic Area.
As businesses disinfect their facilities to prevent the spread of the virus, security services are more important than ever. Services in buildings and homes added 68,400 jobs last month, according to the report Office of Labor Statistics.

CNN Business’s Anneken Tappe contributed to this report.

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