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Germany imposes new lock on slaughterhouse explosion

The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has imposed a new blockade on the area around a meat factory that was hit by a corona explosion.

The area where the Toennies meat processing plant is located – and the scene of a Covid-19 complex that has infected about 1,553 workers – will return to locking measures, North Rhine-Westphalia’s prime minister said on Tuesday.

Armin Laschet said the restrictions on Guetersloh would be in place for a week until June 30 and would be similar to the locking measures introduced in March.

The epidemic at the meat packing plant has been linked to an increase in the overall rate of corona reproduction in Germany by the country’s public health organization.

The complex caused the closure of childcare and school centers in the area and the army was used to help with the tests.

Locking measures will not include any group contact and all restaurants, pubs, bars, swimming pools and gyms will be closed.

Meanwhile, the Guetersloh area is trying to improve communication with Toennies employees and has asked for volunteer translators. Officials said the workers being tested came mainly from Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, and on Tuesday, the region said it was looking for 150 translators by the end of September.

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