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George Floyd’s family arrives at the church before his funeral

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on May 27 in protest of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Jordan Strowder / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Adera Cano, a member of the Minneapolis City Council, told CNN on Monday that “the Minneapolis police department cannot be reformed” and that the council aims to create a “new security system with our community”.

“We have fiscal power, so whenever we have seven or more votes, we can pass an important fiscal measure to change the city’s moral directive. We have nine people on board, who are the majority for veto protection,” Cano H said. New CNN Day on Monday. “Everyone agrees that the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed, that everyone agrees that we are on a path to end this current police system, and that we are going to create a new security system with our community.”

When pressured about what this “new security system” will look like, Cano said the police service is still in place and the new direction of the council is to work with the community when “they are ready for it”. the answers together. ”

“We still have a $ 193 million police budget that people can rely on in Minneapolis. Now, tomorrow, which means maybe six months, nine months, a year, we will have a structure in our community that we have plus “We created together for the future of security in the policing of our city,” Cano said.

Cano also said she had a “deep relationship” with the police department and that the system did not work for them either.

“They don’t want to be in a position where a week after they graduated from our police class, they are now on trial for murder. No officer wants to be in that position,” Cano said. “We’re going to keep it safe, we’re going to keep helping, but we’re throwing away broken and outdated systems that don’t allow us to respond to our community in a way that protects people’s lives.”

Some context: Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council have pledged to begin the process of disinfecting and “dismantling” the Minneapolis City Council, Lisa Bender he told CNN on Sunday.

Bender said she and other council members heard from their constituents that “at the moment, our police department is not making our community feel safe.”

When pressed for details on what disassembly might look like, Bender told CNN’s Josh Campbell that he would shift funding for other needs and start a discussion on how to replace the current police department.

“The idea of ​​not having a police station is certainly not short-lived,” Bender said.


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