Following the injury of Klay Thompson at the end of the season, the Warriors broke the bank to stay competitive

Following the injury of Klay Thompson at the end of the season, the Warriors broke the bank to stay competitive

What should have been a night full of possibilities for Golden State Warriors proved to be a disaster. Armed with general choice No. 2 in Wednesday’s draft and all the accompanying options, the franchise lost its collective breath when the news broke Clay Thompson had suffered potentially catastrophic injuries while working in Southern California. On Thursday the worst fears were confirmed: Thompson will lose all next season with a torn right Achilles trick.

You want to talk about a gut punch.

Aside from feeling awful about Thompson, one of the NBA’s most popular players and a man who really loves playing basketball, the first question was whether this last-minute news could affect the way the Warriors approached the plan. He did not seem to do so, as they took the player to whom they had consistently connected throughout James Wiseman’s plan.

It should have been a night of celebration for the Warriors, who were waiting to return to the league Steph Curry and Thompson returned safe and sound, and Wiseman arrived as the missing great man. Now that Thompson is out, so is he.

So what is plan B? It starts with Kelly Oubre Jr., which the Warriors acquired from Oklahoma City on Thursday, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. To sign Oubre as an over-the-cap team, the Warriors are using the $ 17.2 million trade exemption – through the deal that sent Andre Iguodala to Memphis last year – to absorb Oubre’s 14.4 million salary. dollars for next season. His deal is finalized at the end of this season, so the Warriors have not committed to him after 2021, so the hope is that Klay will return.

You have to give property credit to the warriors. They put their money where their mouth is. As a tax-free group, warriors must eat huge penalties over every dollar they spend. According to ESPN guru Bobby Marks, here’s what the Warriors pay for Oubre between his salary and the tax penalties he imposes:

Yes, you read that right: Warrior ownership now standing could save $ 82 million if they simply decided not to use this commercial exception, which could easily have been rationalized in Thompson’s absence. Paying this kind of money for a team that no longer feels like a title contender could logically be considered crazy at the limits.

But Joe Lacob once swore that the Warriors would never be expensive, that as long as there was money, it would not hinder GM Bob Myers’ ability to put the best team that can be assembled on the floor, and he certainly keeps his word on it. even in a brutal economy. Myers said Wednesday that he was given the green light to spend that commercial exemption before Thompson was even injured.

And the warriors are probably not over. They still have a $ 6 million mid-level taxable exemption for use, and will likely have more money to make up for the $ 9.3 million disability player exemption they applied for on Thursday. per ESPN signals. Longtime Warriors Monte Poole reporter said Wednesday that the Warriors have their eyes on four possible additions of great individuals when the free service opens on Friday.

In other words, the Warriors are not giving up this season. If he started right now, the possible five would be Curry, Oubre, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Wiseman, with Kevon Looney (who may seem to be unloading) and Eric Paschall away. This is a team that can still compete, but the burden on Curry return to his supernatural ways I just got a lot heavier.

After all, there is no way to paint this. With Thompson out, the Warriors could have moved from the top three or four title contenders to a team that could well fight to make the playoffs in a fully loaded Western Conference. But any thought that they could hit the middle of this season after the Thompson news seems to be gone. Warriors continue to do so. It does not matter the cost.

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